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Roman 2022-04-19 09:01:43

I often hear people talk about Wong Kar-wai and his films, but I've actually seen very few Wong films. Because the soundtrack was too moving, I watched my first Wang movie, "In the Mood for Love".
The old Hong Kong in the 1960s, like a yellowed old record, made a babbling sound, which was intoxicating. The whole story is about the extramarital affairs of two married people, Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen. This kind of love is destined to be subtle and obscure from the beginning. The plot of the story is tight and relaxed. Although there is no storyline with ups and downs, whether it is seeing Maggie Cheung wearing a slim cheongsam and nodding slightly, or seeing Tony Leung's melancholy eyes, it will make people immersed in this kind of obscure. in emotion. The film does not directly show the progress of the relationship between the two, but shows it through very subtle pictures and language. That's what makes the whole film so confusing.

Zhou Muyun and his wife spent a lot of time together, and their relationship gradually weakened, so when he learned that his wife was cheating, he did not show a very violent reaction. But Su Lizhen was different. As a woman, when she learned of her husband's betrayal, her first emotion was helplessness. Because she can't change anything, and even has illusions about her husband. Perhaps it was God's will, and the two gradually developed feelings in their daily interactions. This kind of affection is not a venting style, but a shallow taste, which has always been in an atmosphere of repression and restraint. And Zhou Muyun's earnestness, just like Gan Quan, moisturizing things silently, moved Su Lizhen. Mr. Lu Xun once said: "Tragedy is to destroy valuable things for others to see". I totally agree with this statement. In the second half of the film, the two ambiguous parting is the best embodiment. Before Zhou Muyun left, the camera gave a close-up of the "2046" room, which showed Zhou Muyun's reluctance.

"If I have one more ferry ticket, will you come with me?"
"It's me, if I still have a ferry ticket, will you take me away?" In the
end, this affection was killed . Neither of them said anything about their thoughts. Until the end of the ambiguous parting, I didn't want to cry, let alone look each other's eyes squarely.

Whether it's out of sincerity or revenge, the two people's hidden feelings are hard to forget each other and the existence of those years. Zhou Muyun once said: "If you have a secret, you can tell it to a hole, then seal the hole, and the secret will stay in the hole forever." In the end, Zhou Muyun went to Cambodia alone, where he muttered to the wall, and no one knew what he said. This secret will remain in the cave forever.

I think it is wise to delete the intimate scenes of Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen from the film. The feelings of each other have been suppressed and restrained by the world and rumors. If the film shows the intimate scenes of the two, the ending will not be very moving. Because a lot of times, it is more moving not to say than to say. At the end of the story, Su Lizhen lived alone with a little boy. The boy's name was "Yongsheng", which also implied that the child was born with Zhou Muyun. The two became attached because of their love for martial arts novels. Yongsheng, Yongsheng, and Jin Yong have always been fans of martial arts novels, which is also a gift that implicitly shows that Yongsheng is the burning passion of the two.

"It was an embarrassing relationship, she kept her head down in shame, he had a chance to approach, he didn't have the courage to approach, she turned around and left." I think this is the best ending to the story. Whether it is for Zhou Muyun or Su Lizhen.
Zhang Ailing once said: "Perhaps every man has had two such women, at least two. Marrying a red rose, over time, the red one turned into a smear of mosquito blood on the wall, and the white one was "the bright moonlight in front of the bed"; Marry a white rose, the white one is a stick of rice stick on the clothes, and the red one is a cinnabar mole on the heart."

Let everything come to an abrupt end at the best of times, and ripples from time to time in the years to come. This is the best ending to the story. This is God's best arrangement.

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  • Ines 2021-11-15 08:01:27

    At that time, this kind of subject matter, a lingering and struggling feeling, ambiguous and depressed; the pictures are beautiful, the music is very good, the cheongsam worn by Maggie Cheung is very beautiful, and Tony Leung is handsome, this is Wong Kar-wai's Mood for Love.

  • Ambrose 2021-11-15 08:01:27

    The strongest thing about Wong Kar-wai is to make people fall into a mood

In the Mood for Love quotes

  • Chow Mo-wan: I have a chapter to finish.

    Su Li-zhen Chan: Where have you got to?

    Chow Mo-wan: The drunken master just showed up.

    Su Li-zhen Chan: When did he get written in?

    Chow Mo-wan: Just now!

  • Receptionist at 'Singapore Daily': [picks up phone] Hello, Singapore Daily.

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    Chow Mo-wan: [hurriedly arrives to pick up phone] Thanks!

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    Chow Mo-wan: [into phone] Hello?

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