Love triangle, partner, teacher and student. The network of protagonists of an art storm

Jerald 2022-04-22 07:01:08

The content of this article is only for me to commemorate this movie, it is only my personal viewing experience, and it is not worth mentioning. (So ​​in order to save your time, don't read it below)

I'm not a professional about Hitchcock, the filmmaking itself, and the many cultural aspects of his story, so I don't judge or understand it, just read other film reviews and materials to understand it.

And as an ordinary spectator, I can only go straight to the content of the story and the character itself that I am more interested in! I'm more interested in the story itself than how the film does it. After all, I personally feel that no matter how good the filmmaking process is, it serves a good natural story. It is appreciated by both refined and popular.

After the whole story, it seems that there is so much wrong with it. The characters aren't nearly perfect. For example, the shouting and rough partner mentioned in the hot comment destroyed the perfect shaping between the protagonist's teacher and students. But I feel that the flaws do not hide the flaws, and this obvious flaw is the icing on the cake. While the story itself was teetering on some unrealistic theory, there was one more realistic character that stood up and came close to reality. It is also such a relationship, as the three people I wrote in the title, have perfectly become the structure of the story itself, making the story seem solid and inseparable! In reasoning, it is impossible to be picky.

Since murder is an art, the murder of art must have a romantic reason as a footnote. It must be a love-hate relationship. This is probably the case in the world, and the inferior is the reputation of wealth and power.

So in which environment did the director hint and express so implicitly. This layer is like the beginning of the movie, and the mysterious events with the curtains drawn down during the day come to the sunlight. In fact, there is also this confusing relationship, that is, the love triangle between the same sex. Most of the love triangles in the normal world have a theory to back them up. Most of them fall into the blood of dogs...

But it feels so extraordinary to be fully masculine in this most stable numerology triangle. Of course, this may also be due to the fact that people at the time and now have little understanding and curiosity about homosexuality. But I think it's a creature like a man, and compared to a woman, it won't be mixed with too many tangled and unknown emotions in the story. Rather, it is more primitive like, that is, to conquer and be cared for. And the male protagonist Brandon is the so-called high-level crowd in this world. All the conditions outside could make him get any better. But love alone cannot take into account material conditions. Like is like. The opposite is also absolutism. Therefore, the hot comment also said that if he didn't get it, he would be destroyed, and the stupid and weak rival who loved him became the helper of this art. The presentation of the triangular relationship makes the plot of the film start completely without scruples. Everything can be displayed reasonably.

In the presentation of the process, the director used a lot of theory and the plot that is difficult to understand at first glance, but it is impossible to do it without leaving a trace, just like any murder in this world will leave evidence! If you want people not to know, unless you do it yourself. In this way Hitchcock made a mistake that he himself ignored, namely that in a scene where everything can be artificial, so is time. (In addition to the fact that the loopholes in the story are intentional, after all, it is impossible to cover up any traces, so it is better to expose it, but the basic disorder of the timeline is the basic knowledge that he cannot tolerate. Wrong, right? Too harsh haha)

But this point instead reminds the audience that the smart audience must also understand that the reality will not be that the film does what one wants. That is, I think this mistake is a bit like a small object in Inception that each protagonist has to remind himself of the difference between reality and dreams. (hhh, don't mind that I'm whitewashing the director, but I really feel that way, the wise see the wisdom, and the benevolent see benevolence)

All right. Back to the relationship I want to know about. Then the movie developed, and some unimportant people appeared like props, accompanied by real protagonists. Through the relationship, Brand has always even obviously matched his friend's fiancée with his friend's ex, which proves the evidence of the implied love triangle at the beginning. A self-righteousness after his jealousy can control the playful hearts of all inferior people. But he didn't expect that he couldn't control the murdered inferior to fall in love with himself, the sad and hateful male protagonist. . . And he can't control what kind of people he falls in love with, such as the murdered character, from the father's constant anxiety and negligence, to the mother's sick and loving son's phone call, this character is a life. A good boy who is also good at learning is nothing more than a good boy. Of course he will go with the flow and be an ordinary person. Compared with the male protagonist who falls in love with a man and considers himself extraordinary, he is completely different (pun intended) such a character is also Doomed to various tragedies. . .

Compared with the current one who loves the male protagonist, I think he is the real partner of the male protagonist. Compared with the cold-blooded male protagonist, he is more emotional, and the status and emotions of a musician will make the male protagonist live according to the program. There is a big difference, that is, the warmth and fun side of life that a domineering president needs. But the male protagonist was completely caught in the love situation he planned. He thought that what he needed was someone similar to him with high IQ and easy control, but that was not love... So I saw most of the film critics complaining about this character. In fact, I think this role is very brilliant and very important. He was so disappointed by the fright and real indifference of the male protagonist that he made a series of panic attacks. This is a display of human touch, and it is the most secular role-playing. It is not so much that he deliberately showed the evidence to the teacher, but it is the best performance of his unintentional protection for himself. After all, if you find yourself in love with such a cold-blooded person, how can you not guarantee that the protagonist of the next art will be yourself? Expect to deceive yourself that he loves me. It's better to shake everything and let it be.

Then an interesting character, even an unexpected character for the story itself, appears, a representation of elements of religion and astrology that the director wanted to express. That is the aunt. She is the only outsider-like existence in the whole film, that is, the character who is the most distant from the art. So she also showed some objectivity. For example, giving people a constellation to imply the character change of the protagonist and the fate of some minor characters, such as Jenny, one of the poor victims.

But Jenny wasn't much better. From the opening lines, she showed herself without a doubt, and let the "higher people" see her true nature, that is, after she was abandoned and unfortunately found the head of the murdered person, it was also for material things. Life, not complete love (the side reflects that the male protagonist is really love! The extreme lover who will destroy it if he can't get it!). Although she is indeed half pitiful from beginning to end.

The most emotional change can only be Brandon's incumbent. No doubt he also proved Brandon's imminent love wrong and terrible. In addition to being unsweetened, twisted melons may also be poisonous. The appearance of this character not only represents the weakness of human nature. It also verifies the imperfections of the teachers and students. He's the best person to hold a gun, so as to evoke the push and climax of the plot and the sadness at the end. This role also takes on the element of talking about the piano. It is common knowledge for advanced people to observe words and expressions. Especially playing the piano, an instrument that desperately needs emotional expression. Undoubtedly, these elements and props are arrangements that make it easy for teachers and spectators to guess.

Then let's talk about teachers, who are the theoretical representatives of justice in the whole film. He is also the biggest incentive for this story, maybe he is the mastermind of this story! That's right, even the seemingly perfect Brand's planning has only scratched the surface of him. But Bran and others are even more warriors, after all, they have real insights. He also gave the most self-righteous and superior teacher (refer to Jenny's mocking and objective evaluation when Brandon introduced him at the party) a vivid theoretical class. He became the culprit, he was also involved in the whole process of the case, and he was the whistleblower of the case. This ironic calling of identity. . .

Brandon himself is the perfect murderer, a maker of art, and a theoretically superior man. But he can't change anything in the environment to work for him. At first, his wrong path was just a chain reaction after being trapped in love and hurt. This character is the most fake. It forms the shadow of most people, so there is no need to do more analysis.

Some people who are more demanding than Hitchcock may be dissatisfied with the final ending. Why is it that the standard mode of the drama beautifies the ending instead of his usual amazing style? Because this one-shot story is an astonishing unfolding! So a peaceful ending is more appropriate for the ending of this less mature story. This movie can only be said to be a sketch. Its limitation lies in the scene characters and so on. It is understandable that it is not the director's pot.

On the contrary, it is really amazing to be able to shoot this sketch so delicately and charmingly! Including the use of the lens, the layout of the scene, the mapping of lights and so on! See the truth for details.

Finally, when it comes to the composition of the scene, the last scene also gives the audience a clear picture of the relationship in this art setting. That is, the confrontation between lovers, and the confrontation between teachers and students. And the biggest culprit and the biggest victim come together. Ironic.

All characters are pathetic, but pathetic is hateful.

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  • Rupert Cadell: Brandon's spoken of you.

    Janet: Did he do me justice?

    Rupert Cadell: Do you deserve justice?

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