Golden years

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the lonely youth who escaped her had nowhere to hide and was seen by him.

I have looked forward to it, the body has been close, and I have been seriously sad.

She was asked: "If there is one more ticket, will you go with me?" In the

end, she may just be glad that the secret between them was finally kept.

Years later, in a distant foreign country, he told his secrets into a cave and sealed the mouth with dirt...

Perhaps escape is the only way out of nowhere.

Unspeakable Love

has a poster of "In the Mood for Love" that looks like this: Maggie Cheung closed her eyes in the light and looked lonely. Liang Chaowei made an embracing gesture in the dark place behind her, like a forbidding shadow. I don't know why the two of them are struggling so painfully and entangled, but it is obviously easier to touch themselves and the helplessness of the world.

The parting game can't be played once, but this time both of them are mentally prepared, but they will eventually be missed.

"If there is one more ticket, will you go with me?" Rejection like a tight space in such a small space. This sentence is so warm, like a fantasy in the desolation, like - love. I remember him roaring in the morning: This is not love.

This is us, fearing love, fearing rejection, fearing ourselves. The words that were said in the songs of the nine-rate movie and the eight-rate turned out to be so difficult, and I couldn't face it for myself... I had to seal it up as a tree, and the green tree was ruthless and empty. Last night's message: I can't even say I love you. Ah, it turns out that the word love will really become a joke when you say it! From now on, in the fleeting years, are we still strong and ruthless, enduring partings and losses again and again, and confronting time with impeccable indifference?

This feeling can be reminisced, but it was already lost at the time.

It can only be missed

that life is a piece of drifting leaves, and the ambiguous colors are crisscrossed with veins. They stand in it, without direction, fragile and lonely, no one knows how fate will arrange.

She went to him and he went to her. But so what? That era is over, and everything that belongs to that era no longer exists.

I really can't understand the love of that era, but I can understand the helplessness and heartache in every love. If there is a love that exists in such hope and despair, how do you end it?

Some flowers bloom to thank you, some water comes to go, some tiredness is destined to burn to ashes, and some traces are destined to commemorate and give up.

The whistling passing is often weak and floating, and only the silent ones spread to the bones. When madness can become mute, what pain can't erupt?

You cannot exile yourself, except when you fall. When the fall is inevitable, admit it.

Since the soul can live alone, since the tide is in front of the door, what abyss are you afraid of? Let it go.

Forgetting Jianghu

did not find a reason to separate, and even lost the reason for getting together. In the end, it boiled down to the ending of forgetting Jianghu.

To dim the light, the light is weak;

to return to the scene of the past, the past years bloom like a flower;

to have a secret, time closes like a wound.

You turned around, locked the door deeply, and no one asked again...

The flowers that thanked early bloomed under the soil, waiting for the rain to fall all over the sky.

Who is to blame?

Time and space are changed, and the hole where Zhou confided his thoughts was overgrown with weeds, just like the final subtitle of the film:

"Those years that have passed can't be seen through a piece of dusty glass, he has been thinking about everything in the past,

if He can break through that dusty glass, and

he'll walk back to the days long gone." The

violin was pulled over and over, and sang in a low voice. Endless legends, endless rumors.

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