Wong Kar-wai, turning movies into emotions

Candace 2022-04-22 07:01:11

Film film! I like director Wong Kar-wai's style very much. I can say that there have been three changes in my perception of movies: When I was just keen on watching movies, I felt that my acting skills were the best for the whole movie. As long as the actors' acting skills are good, this is a good movie; if the acting skills are not good...of course, the movie will not be on the stage. After a while, when I saw some in-depth movies, I became obsessed with what it wanted to tell people and what kind of thinking it could change. So, my criteria for judging the quality of a movie has changed again: a movie with depth: a good movie! Movies you don't understand well: lousy movies! So now, I have a more comprehensive understanding of the film. It was Mr. Leslie Cheung and Director Wong Kar Wai who opened my eyes: After I fell in love with my brother, I started watching his movies, so I couldn't get around the King of Sunglasses? The first one I watched was "The True Story", although the details of the plot I don't get much of what it wants to convey, but the unique angle of the movie lens (close-up of the face, some can't understand where it is), the lines like poetry (although I don't know what he wants to say after listening to it) , and the subtly bleak soundtracks are so different and so personal that I found that when I watched movies before, I would even completely ignore these things that I thought were "unimportant". Later, I watched "Sweet Spring", "Evil in the East", "The Grand Master" and "In the Mood for Love", and also read a lot of film reviews and reviews. I'm blown away! What is a movie? Cinema is about photography, stories, music, acting, painting... Cinema is art. And what is art? There is no right or wrong in art; no distinction is made between good and bad; Art is subjective; it is personal. Some movies have very good scripts; some movies have beautiful pictures; some movies have a lot of classic music... As for Wong Kar Wai's movies, I have seen the sentence "Watching his movies, obsessed with the plot, is a waste of money." I Totally agree. Wong Kar-wai's films don't say anything, but convey an emotion - loneliness. All the characters live in loneliness, loneliness and loneliness through the picture, music and lines art like hello, I appreciate

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In the Mood for Love quotes

  • Chow Mo-wan: I have a chapter to finish.

    Su Li-zhen Chan: Where have you got to?

    Chow Mo-wan: The drunken master just showed up.

    Su Li-zhen Chan: When did he get written in?

    Chow Mo-wan: Just now!

  • Receptionist at 'Singapore Daily': [picks up phone] Hello, Singapore Daily.

    [into phone]

    Receptionist at 'Singapore Daily': Hold on.

    [turns to room]

    Receptionist at 'Singapore Daily': Mr. Chow, call for you.

    Chow Mo-wan: [hurriedly arrives to pick up phone] Thanks!

    [into phone]

    Chow Mo-wan: Hello?

    Chow Mo-wan: [into phone] Hello?

    [cuts to Mrs. Chan holding phone, she remains silent]

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