love and sanity

Zoe 2022-04-23 07:01:44

It's been more than half a year since I graduated, and I've been busy most of the time, or at least pretending to be busy. I haven't watched a movie quietly for a long time, and I haven't written anything.

love. The seemingly unintentional two people had their own experiences, and after the id was suppressed, the love suddenly broke out at that moment, silent, colorless and tasteless, and a hole was quietly exploded in their hearts. new look. At this moment, if they can cultivate into a positive fruit, it is naturally the best to block the holes with each other. But there is always a gap between a part of love. Slowly, reason came, and the gap was as wide as the Milky Way, and there was no end to it, reason smothered the hole in the heart, grass began to grow in the corner of the heart, and gradually it seemed to be healed, but it couldn't stand one word, one thing, one window. The stimulation of the scenery, the grass withers and ashes flies and the heart bleeds, until the numbness will know, the heart will be forever lacking, and love will never return.
Reason, love's worst enemy. We rationally know that love is just the result of a surge of adrenaline and an overdose of dopamine. Unless you fight chicken blood every day, who will be in love? Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung just found their common hobby - martial arts, and dopamine arrives on time every day. Suddenly one day changed, Pavlov's food came first before the jingle rang, and the salivary enzymes were not secreted beforehand, which made the meal tasteless, and the digestive system resisted it. Inevitable response; similarly, lack of dopamine stimulation, people become depressed and weak, and begin to lose depression. But reason will comfort the brain. Although there is no salivary enzyme, at least the food is still there; although there is less dopamine, at least life is still there. If you blindly pursue it deliberately, you may also lose the food, which is a pity, the gain outweighs the loss. Thinking about it is right, then endure the pain and continue to live numbly. So, Maggie Cheung went to the hotel where Tony Leung was staying and took a puff of cigarettes. Although the cigarettes were still the same cigarettes, they didn't taste like before. Lying on the chair, the feelings are no longer there, only the pair of slippers are still the embroidery of the year, not faded or damaged. So, Tony Leung went to the old residence, and after chatting with the new tenant, he never dared to knock on the door next door. A person who is used to depression, after being beaten again, will not mind whether there will be any more in the future. Just like when people in the world are told to open the "Pandora's Box", they will feel inexplicable fear of it and dare not try again.
Unless, of course, everything has an unless. You have experienced the wind and waves of pi children's shoes, right and wrong. Reason will blur, begin to believe in divinity, believe that there is a different situation in the world, and then begin to believe in love. Otherwise, your life will always be just life is pi.
what is love.
Love is Ah Q's "I want to sleep with you."
Love is Xu Zhimo's "I want to get up with you."
Love is, "When did I fall in love with her? When I can't see her."
Love is, "If you still have a ticket, will you go with me."
Love is, as Will Smith expressed in "The Rivals of Love", Find the right person and let the id be free.
But isn't this what reason tells us? Is it right?

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In the Mood for Love quotes

  • Chow Mo-wan: I have a chapter to finish.

    Su Li-zhen Chan: Where have you got to?

    Chow Mo-wan: The drunken master just showed up.

    Su Li-zhen Chan: When did he get written in?

    Chow Mo-wan: Just now!

  • Receptionist at 'Singapore Daily': [picks up phone] Hello, Singapore Daily.

    [into phone]

    Receptionist at 'Singapore Daily': Hold on.

    [turns to room]

    Receptionist at 'Singapore Daily': Mr. Chow, call for you.

    Chow Mo-wan: [hurriedly arrives to pick up phone] Thanks!

    [into phone]

    Chow Mo-wan: Hello?

    Chow Mo-wan: [into phone] Hello?

    [cuts to Mrs. Chan holding phone, she remains silent]

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