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Before that, I only watched Wong Kar-wai's movie "Breakthrough". I think I didn't catch up with the right time. When I was pretending to be hypocritical and doing nothing, I accumulated a lot of plans to watch literary films. It's not exclusive to me. After I got my own laptop in college, I was tired of my studies and became addicted to horror movies, and my taste was getting low. When I came back to my senses, I was already a lot of age, and I no longer had the interest to pretend.
Back then, I really liked "In the Mood for Love", and it could probably be ranked in the top five of my favorite gay movies, but it didn't motivate me to continue watching Wong Kar-wai.
It really reminded me of the reason for the movie "In the Mood for Love", Yes - gossip.
One afternoon, I accidentally saw a post in the gossip group that mentioned a relationship between Liang Sheng and Sister Eel. I was very embarrassed, so I followed the map and found the hot post on the horizon. After reading it, I was infinitely sad.
2009 Liang Sheng was interviewed, and the reporter asked him what age he thinks is the best state. He hesitated for a while and said, in 2000, when he was 38 years old, because he filmed "In the Mood for Love" that year. In
that year, online media It's not as developed as it is now. I just remember that the film was a hit, and the newspapers and gossip magazines covered the sky with relevant reports. Many young or elderly women followed suit and made cheongsam.
The influence of this film is undoubtedly great. , is also extremely successful, so that many years later Liang Sheng said that this was the peak period of his life, and it was also the peak of his art.
Of course, the interest of the gossip party is not only here.
Interaction with Sister Eel.
The tone of the whole film is ambiguous, like a candle lit in a dim room, the light flickers slightly, and the shadows are blurry... Not
as romantic as , but it is also quite A style.
But Liang Sheng's eyes always make me play.
In the play, the two people were only slowly familiar neighbors at the beginning. They implied their thoughts and speculated about each other. Liang, as long as the two of them are facing each other, he will stare at Sister Eel with affectionate eyes... Comparing Liang Sheng's sullen expression in , it's like two different people.. However, Sister Eel has a good grasp of the dodging and panic of the people in the play.
This is not Su Lizhen and Zhou Muyun. The subjective interpretation of the actors has long deviated from the role itself.
But it is indeed Su Lizhen and Zhou Muyun.
They are testing from beginning to end, who is I do n't want to push away the dusty glass.
Two people who have suffered setbacks in their marriage have become cautious, pessimistic and hesitant... A little firmness, a little bravery, it becomes a complete miss.
After missing A certain emotion kept lingering in my heart and couldn't get rid of it. I couldn't catch it, I couldn't let it go, and I couldn't forget it. In
the end, Zhou Muyun could only pour out his thoughts to a tree hole in Cambodia.
In reality, Liang Sheng failed to talk to the eel in the end . Sister
is together. In reality, they are far more enthusiastic than the two in the play. After looking through the old gossip news, I realized that they really loved each other back then. I don't care about everyone's eyes.
Unfortunately, in the end, Liang Sheng chose his long-term girlfriend and his later wife, Carina Lau.
The version circulating in the market is that Liang Sheng chose Liu out of responsibility.
My understanding is that he was too I have low self-esteem and subconsciously feel that I am not worthy of Sister Eel. After all, the goddess who loves each other can only be silently worried about, and the partners who support each other can only be of the same level as themselves.
In essence, Liang Sheng is no more courageous than Zhou Muyun
. Later, rumors that Liang's couple "played their own way" kept breaking out, as if giving up on themselves.
How much lovesickness did the handsome Zhou Muyun endure to become the old-fashioned and gloomy Mr. Yi.
After winning many awards, a reporter asked Liang Sheng which famous actor he would like to collaborate with in the future. Liang Sheng said the name of Sister Eel without hesitation. Well, the original words are as follows: "I think Maggie Cheung is The only person I really want to work with again. She sometimes drives me crazy. She has a strong personality and is very energetic."
At the Cannes Film Festival in 2005, Liang Sheng covered the entire cinema with a face full of energy. Looking at the eel sister on the screen lonely.
Even in 2013, the 13th anniversary of the release of "In the Mood for Love", Liang Sheng, who watched until the end of the film, would still cry. He
sighed. After
so many years, even if he doesn't give up, he will not give up There is nothing more possible. Anyway, what is lost is even more unforgettable.
Fortunately, the video preserves this story by the way, and it becomes more and more beautiful because of melancholy. I
like the English translation of this film: In the Mood for Love
Love is not a disease, It's just an emotion. Many times the emotions that I thought have dissipated will come out inadvertently.
So even though they have had little interaction in the past 10 years, Liang Sheng still never forgets this relationship, this person.
The best belonging to them The years are gradually passing away, and all he can do is not to forget.
A song sung by Liang Sheng many years ago is a portrayal of his mood. This song is from his 1994 solo album "One Heart", I don't want to live for 9 years The last word is a prophecy.

You are so unforgettable . I

already knew that love is hard to leave.
I already knew that loving someone shouldn’t
. Going to stay awake
so I'm used to wearing a mask and no longer giving my heart to anyone
But why do I keep you in my heart
Why do I still wait for your news
How can I tell myself that I don't care at all
You are so hard to forget the ups and downs in my heart , your
smile, your every move is all my memory

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  • Sister 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Wong Kar-wai seldom describes how a person falls in love with a person, because this is an unconscious thing.

  • Jacynthe 2022-03-26 09:01:04

    hmm the audiovisual is beautiful, the atmosphere is good, but I think the movie itself is a bit hollow and the music is too full

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