What is given to the cave is a poem that has nothing to do with the wind and the moon

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1. Elegant

When mentioning "In the Mood for Love", the first word that comes to mind is elegance. The slow shots are matched with the melodious music, and time is seamlessly connected to Su Lizhen's changing cheongsam. The tone of the whole film is as dim as Wong Kar Wai's style, but the lines are uncharacteristically condensed and obscure, and there seems to be no long dialogue between the two.

It's a quiet, unspoken love story, maybe not a love story.

Su Lizhen made her debut in a rental building. Her updo and graceful curves all imply that she is no longer the young conductor girl in "The True Story of Ah Fei". In 1961, A Fei, the footless bird who only loves the next woman forever, landed in the Philippines, and Su Lizhen was married. Her husband is a man who has never shown up, and is deeply involved in an extramarital affair with another woman who has never shown up. That woman is the wife of the neighbor Zhou Muyun.

The two frustrated people always walked very slowly, passing by at the corner of the dimly lit street, and suddenly it started to rain.

At first glance, from short greetings to meeting simulations, the intersection between Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen is always bland, but it's just a meal together and then returning home in the moonlight. In fact, Zhang Shuping's clever editing made this quiet underground affair become dark and surging. Under the unmoved seat, the love between the two was vivid on Su Lizhen's cheongsam. Outside the door of 2046 is a long corridor in scarlet tones, and the story inside the door has been cut neatly, leaving only the flimsy silhouettes of Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen, who are supporting the wall in the silent camera. The expression up to the point makes the slow shots of the whole film swallow up the complicated details, and also makes this extramarital affair as full of oriental charm as the heroine's attire.

2. Revenge

Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen have determined from the time they saw each other's handbags and ties that they are in the same situation. There is no doubt that Su Lizhen is conservative and restrained, but when a love web unfolded before her eyes, she hesitated again and again, and finally stepped in with one foot. The inappropriateness of each other made her eyes blank, until later she could no longer distinguish whether the relationship was real or acting. When Zhou Muyun proposed to move out to write a novel, she ran to 2046 wearing a red trench coat. Behind the door, was his intriguing smile.

When the mist from his fingertips circled around her stiff neck, love and hate gradually evolved into a game.

There are too many people who say that this is a story about revenge. The wife who took away the third person and then retreated from this forbidden love as if nothing had happened, full of joy. I still remember the last scene of "A Feifei Zhengzhuan", Tony Leung, who was wearing oil in the attic, looked at the mirror with contempt, just like another bird taking off without legs. It's just that in love, when we decide to get close to a person, fate has already laid a clue of reason and chaos. Emotion is always a factor that cannot be measured by reason. It grows arbitrarily and even overflows the petri dish. No matter what Zhou Muyun's original intention was, Su Lizhen eventually turned into a thorn in his heart that he didn't realize, but it was just that it was not painful or itchy.

3. Wrong love

Su Lizhen and Zhou Muyun often let the taxi driver stop in front of the destination, and they always lack an umbrella in the heavy rain. Under the promenade to hide from the rain, it seems that there is no need to say anything more when listening to the sound of the rain. If there is one more ticket, will you come with me? Unexplained, both of them seem to have reserved a way out for themselves. Does true love have to be without scruples and without hesitation? Compared with the empty-handed people in their youth, lovers increasingly understand the unbearable lightness of life, so they are cautious and difficult to walk.

Love will not be denied because it is out of time, but it will only grow old and age under the dark night sky.

Avoiding the eyes of neighbors, cooking a pot of sesame paste, and writing a martial arts novel together in the room, she can always come up with excellent paragraphs. In 1966, Zhou Muyun came back from Singapore and heard that Su Lizhen was still living there with her son. The film did not talk much about it, leaving only an ambiguous name: Yongsheng. The two never saw each other again, which was a shame.

If we had met three or five years earlier, why would we fight in our hearts. Even if it is an embarrassing relative, no regret is regret.

4. Redemption

In 1963, Zhou Muyun brought the slippers left by Su Lizhen to Singapore, and placed them by the bed. During a certain day, Su Lizhen came to his residence in Singapore from Hong Kong, but unfortunately he was not there. She sat for a while, dialed a phone that only rang three times, and took away the pair of slippers. Zhou Muyun flew home, but Su Lizhen left only a cigarette butt.

There is no need to talk about debts in a relationship, but the canned pineapple has expired, one person is reluctant to throw it away, and the other person buys a new one. In 1966, Zhou Muyun went to Cambodia and told the rock wall that the monk sat quietly and time flowed very slowly until weeds were overgrown at the entrance of the cave. Back in Hong Kong, Ah Fei's girlfriend Lulu lived in 2046, and Zhou Muyun moved into 2047, writing eye-catching and glamorous novels in newspapers and magazines to make a living. He would never be able to write the kind of chivalrous courage that only she could write when he was there. He had wandered around many women, but he could no longer find Su Lizhen, a canned pineapple with a dull taste.

All the memories are damp, and he will spend his whole life wandering on the coast, regretting why he didn't have a ticket in the first place.

5. Metaphor

On the train to 2046, passengers are eager to retrieve their lost memories, but unfortunately most of them are gone forever. There are too many secrets on the train, and people tell them to Shudong. Leng Bingbing robot is really hard to understand. She is slow to respond, smiling and crying half a row. Zhou Muyun wrote this story for the sake of those who have disappeared.

In the 1980s, the Chinese government promised that the system would remain unchanged for 50 years after the return of Hong Kong in 1997, and 2046 was exactly this point. The train is heading for 2046, and the Mood for Love is getting farther and farther away. At the end of the terminal, are people hugging each other as they wished, or will they just say goodbye? No one knows because no one can come back. The confusion and doubts of Hong Kong people may also be carried on this train. You and I don't have to speculate on what Director Wang wants.

Suddenly remembered the ending of Duras's "The Lover", and thought it was more exciting than the prestigious opening. Maybe Su Lizhen was also waiting, and Zhou Muyun rang three times. "It's me, hello. He said to her that he still loves her as before, he couldn't help but love her, and he said he loved her and would love her until he died."

There are countless standard books for selecting love, and everyone may have a mold for that person in their hearts. As for what kind of secrets Zhou Muyun poured out on the rock wall of Angkor, I thought about it and had to guess that it was just a poem that had nothing to do with the wind and the moon. In the epic, Sisyphus betrayed the gods and was punished by pushing the boulder. Going to the top of the mountain and watching it roll down, his life begins again and again; in the Mood for Love, he missed a lover, and he had to get on a train that was constantly heading towards the future, constantly recalling the tree hole and missing everything in the past.

"The True Story of A Fei", "In the Mood for Love", and "2046", the trilogy all tell the stories of little birds without feet, they fly and fly, unable to stop. So, miss, miss. It's just that one day, you will finally have to pay back those who still miss you deeply, in the same way that you miss another person all your life.

The mystery of love requires a lot of luck to meet lovers with relative frequency; it takes ambush to meet old people scattered all over the world.

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  • Braxton 2022-03-21 09:01:42

    There are many things in common with today's Hong Kong: people with big houses can rent, Hong Kong is in troubled times, and environmental protection is advocated, so they can continue to buy wonton noodles with bowls. Times have reincarnations, but Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen, who have established relationships by imitating their cheating partners, are hard to find. Wong Kar-wai's attachment to the 1960s is very touching. He didn't understand it when he was a child, but now he understands where the sigh comes from.

  • Norwood 2022-03-26 09:01:04

    Unanswered calls, unasked words. This protracted ambiguity finally disappeared as the secret took root in the cave.

In the Mood for Love quotes

  • Chow Mo-wan: I have a chapter to finish.

    Su Li-zhen Chan: Where have you got to?

    Chow Mo-wan: The drunken master just showed up.

    Su Li-zhen Chan: When did he get written in?

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