Is the appearance really that important?

Percy 2022-04-19 09:01:49

The movie that brought me infinite shock can only be relieved by writing a few strokes.

There is not much dialogue in the movie, and the story is told slowly and smoothly, which seems to be very calm, but the picture and sound effects strongly impact the audience in the calm, like a wizard casting a spell. I didn't notice it when I watched it. After a few days, the confused look of the heroine couldn't stop appearing in my mind, and then I realized that I was captured by the movie.

The alien girl in bright skin is driving a van to meet male passersby every day. Of course, many men are fascinated, "go home" with her, and then lose themselves in front of her beautiful body. Gone, disappeared without a sound. Only the skin remains. The girl is just wanting skin, not a bit of blood, a bit of flesh, or a bit of bone.

The beautiful girl repeated the task of collecting skins, until one day she lured the ugly man. The boy with the disfigured face was very young, he couldn't believe his good luck, and he actually fell in love with the beautiful girl. The female alien looked at him like other men, but a man. However, he vaguely knew that this person was a little inexplicably moved, just because of the beautiful skin he was wearing. When a beautiful skin looks at an ugly skin, there will be this kind of emotion? She began to examine her own beauty and became curious about human beings.

So she tried to do what humans often do. She ordered something human and vomited after one bite. She began to communicate with humans, quietly observing what human beings call life. She enjoys kissing and receiving caresses, which makes her bewildered, as if a little like it, a little craving. Sex, but unsuccessful. Maybe the joy was too overwhelming for her, or maybe she lacked something to enjoy.

Before she understood human beings, she first believed in human beings. But because of her trust, she was hurt. The man was beastly because of her appearance, she resisted and was ripped off the skin. Under the beautiful body is a black alien. The man was startled, and the first thing that came to his mind was to destroy her. Human beings want to possess what they like, and want to destroy what they fear. The girl should understand, at the moment she was hurt, after she believed in human beings.

Before she died, the girl was holding the skin that she had been wearing for a long time, and her face was full of fear and disappointment. At this moment, the outsider probably remembered the teardrop he saw when he first held the skin bag.

Is skin appearance really that important? Each of us has an answer in our hearts that we dare not say clearly. The director, Scarlet Johansson, brought our shallow ideas to the fore. Breathless.

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