The extensional power of human nature

Zula 2022-04-20 09:01:40

If you don't have the level of literary and artistic fan, just say a few words in vernacular, summarize the central idea of ​​this film, and my reading experience, as a Chinese homework.
After watching this movie, I understood a profound truth, that is, human nature not only has connotation, but also extension. This extension will interact with and affect the environment. For example, the alien in this film, he was originally inhuman, but he was wearing human skin for a long time, and was regarded as a kind by the surrounding humans, as a beauty to pursue, to praise, to be constantly affirmed and encouraged, the result? , he entered the role, and gradually found the feeling of being a man, or was eroded by the extensional power of human nature.
Of course, we know that this is science fiction. In reality, such a thing will not happen. There must be some way for aliens, such as psychological therapy, hypnosis, etc. Anyway, it is a way to ensure the mental health of aliens. I don't know how to do it, so let's stop this topic.
What I want to say is the significance of the extension of human nature to democratic politics.
Everyone is selfish, and everyone knows that politicians also participate in public affairs for their own interests. Therefore, many people's understanding of democratic politics is that they are actually doing those things after a detour. Then how does the loop of democracy go around? I found that it is to force politicians to enter the human extension environment of voters. This process is actually a process of selfish politicians fooling into selflessness. He went to run for election for his own benefit, and repeated those words of petition for the people countless times in the process.
At the beginning, like the alien, he enjoyed a sense of accomplishment and gained benefits from the process of deceiving the public, but after a long time, thousands of lies have changed, and even he believed it, he began to feel , Those who at first felt ignorant, ridiculous, and humble people were actually worthy of their own service, worthy of their own concern, and to fight for their interests. This is a politician whose personality has been distorted by the human extension of voters in the process of constant participation in the election campaign.
This is the actual benefit of the democratic system relative to the autocracy.
Of course, a sensible politician in a democratic system can choose a specific mental doctor before entering politics to ensure that his humanity is not lost. In this way, he can be full of lies and make a lot of money without feeling guilty, so we found that , In democratic countries, the industry of psychiatrists is far larger than that in authoritarian countries. I guess this is the reason? Those in power, big and small, need the help of a psychiatrist to fight the extensional erosion of human nature.
Well, it seems that in order for democracy to really evolve to version 2.0, the process of psychotherapy and the disclosure of information, especially those who hold public power, must be disclosed. This is obviously a necessary reform. Today's democracies have not done this, so their democracy is not perfect. I say so, can it pass the audit?

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