Is it a mourning for coming of age, or a sad song for an adult?

Zane 2022-04-20 09:01:40

There is nothing easier than classifying movies that have aliens mixed in. These guys who have been chaotic for hundreds of years have no more than three ideologies in the movie: "The earth will only be ours in the future. home; the earth is your home; I make the earth my home.”
An activist who sticks to one of these obligations might be escorted to the next sci-fi movie, perhaps in one of three states of will Those who sway or change their original positions will continue to enjoy the fun of swaying with luck as the protagonist. This is the most unconventional original script at the beginning of character design in Hollywood alien sci-fi movies. All that's left is to concoct the tricks of the skin that will leave the audience stunned and other ideas that need not be mentioned.
Obviously the protagonist of this film is also in this category. From the most primitive insensitivity tool, only to lure men with their beautiful and beautiful colors (most of them turned out to be three people like me, no companion, no job, no ideal, next time, please choose me first, please add me on WeChat) to Begin to have a belated curiosity about human beings, make indifference and confusion in the intermittent greetings, and consciously begin to infiltrate human life after continuous hunting, begin to learn to appreciate the self that seems to be an adult, and understand human beings The warmth and depth of life. After letting go of "Kakimodo", the protagonist immediately fell into the same pain as a transgender person, and began to accept the love of a strange man and wanted to give feedback, but in the end everyone understood. In short, want to be but not, in fact not but can not be so willing to be sure not.
This contradiction is the most ideological part of the whole film. This kind of tragedy is based on the principle: "Desire is the object that cannot be obtained, but the process of pursuing it seems to be so moving." The principle reveals the ancient Apollo-Daphne tragedy, but this is not the case here. To pursue a person who is impossible to get, but to pursue a situation that he can't change despite his efforts——I am not a person, I want to be a person!
But what is really thought-provoking is not just the clouds and flying snow smeared with sad colors on the fire at the end of the film, they represent a symbol that perished in pursuit. Because it would give us the illusion that if it didn't end like this, it could be a little more tender with just a few changes. In fact, as long as we think further, we can find that no matter which way the protagonist goes, she will inevitably fall into an unreal situation, and only unreality is the only reason for her to go to destruction.
First of all, a sub-theme in the film is the title of the film, which also deeply tortures most of the men who have hidden spring in their hearts: "Do you love women because of the skin, is the skin really that important?" This torture Even if it doesn't make sense (a gentleman has a gentleman's answer, a villain has a villain's cover, only a rogue like me can bravely admit: "As long as you are good to me, the skin is too good to be extravagant.") But this torture comes with a A very meaningful topic: if the skin is removed, is it still a person? In other words, whether the skin is the unique symbol that human beings recognize each other, so that the skin replaces what should be the essence of human beings as this symbol.
"The art of a good movie lies in being silent." This kind of "silence" is actually difficult to operate. In fact, this "silence" only lies in the extent to which the audience can more sensitively resonate with the director and screenwriter. And the "silence" of this film is actually obvious, that is: "The skin is not the main object of human nature assessment, it may be a tool of seduction, or even an accomplice of scourge."
But in the film, we can often see The protagonist's self-appreciation in the mirror, coupled with the constant provocative praise from ruffians (even from passive praise at first to actively asking men to win praise), makes her seem to directly experience the joy of being a human being. Zi began to want to pursue more happiness in his heart.
That is to say, the joy of the protagonist begins with the appearance of the skin, and it cannot be denied that the communication between the protagonist and the human beings on earth is only in the few greetings in the car and the skin before the hunt. Real understanding of human beings and being understood by human beings also begins and ends with appearance, even if this may be only a small part of the transformation that the film wants to express, but we can clearly see that the protagonist of this film is related to other parts of human life other than appearance. The feeling of using a pen is insufficient, and it can even be said to be bleak to inexplicable.
Even in the end, the protagonist still regrets it. From the beginning to the end, it is only an alien's deformed yearning for human skin, and this deformed yearning is definitely not because the protagonist really has a pitiful aesthetic illusion, but those who delay The result of "short-sighted men" who continue to drive up the value of skin-like appearance. Just like a rich man picking up the priceless treasure that was smashed by gangsters in a war-torn world, and whether the value of this item is worth his piety kneeling is not his decision, the tears he shed just continued to create it. The vulgar eyes of those appraisers.
Therefore, even if the protagonist has a genuine and honest heart that wants to be a man, he just continues to walk the same path as the common man. Even if she becomes a human, she is a complete person without inner dignity, she is just a slave who is trapped in appearance. If the director felt that this kind of minor tribute was used to wake up men to grasp the point of women, then the director composed a grown-up elegy from the very beginning.
What is even more ironic is that most of what the protagonist sees in most of the time is the dark and dirty side of human society, those male prostitutes with evil intentions, riotous young ruffians, greedy snake-like arrangements of death combinations and those who stay alone The orphans, the bustling but extremely indifferent streets, wherever they go, they seem to lose themselves in the general scenery. Even so, our protagonist still longs for adulthood, if not her realm is so low that she only pays attention to the value of skin. That is, her realm is so high that she can already understand how absurd and lonely the world is. Although I prefer the latter, the evidence supporting the former can be more easily found in the film.
"Man is the most beautiful, not only the body, but also all the symbols he creates." This is the praise of semiotics for human beings, but I would rather believe that the appearance of the skin is just a symbol, but the requirements for appreciating it are very small, and the threshold very low. But it is a very old art, and this art has a secret that needs to be mentioned. The beauty of the skin is not just because of the skin itself, but the spirit given to it. It is especially reflected in the ancient Greek sculpture that uses the body to express the spirit. Even Venus with a broken arm, as long as she exudes the nobility and warmth of humanity from the inside, has deep eyes that belong to the essence of human beings, and has undulating lines to show emotional gestures. Well, this is the perfect art. The discussion of the appearance of the skin can be stopped abruptly here, because the pursuit of the appearance of the skin in the real world is a topic that will always be talked about.

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