Beautiful skins consume my patience

Camron 2022-04-21 09:01:57

I saw it at station B. I heard Scarlett's name earlier, but I have never seen her film. As a horror movie lover, it happened that this film had a good cover at station B, so I was attracted to watch it. I read the plot introduction before watching the film. It is not particularly bizarre. Based on my experience of watching horror films, it is not particularly scary, but it can be made to be as scary and curious as it should be. After all, science fiction films can break through the pattern of reality. As for the attractiveness of the film, it depends on the director. I looked at Scarlett's name and poster and thought, well, the movie shouldn't be bad.
The film began, and there were pictures on the screen that I didn't understand and words similar to non-human beings, explaining what "unknown and serious" was under the strange music. In the first half of the second, Scarlett, as an alien, wore exquisite makeup when she was dressed, just like a beauty from Earth who understands human aesthetics, can use cosmetics proficiently, and can even drive a car, instead of wearing strange or avant-garde clothes as I imagined, Aliens on Earth with no makeup (or nude makeup) and beautiful bodies. Maybe her mastery of these human skills is because she is an "old river and lake" who has been on the earth for a long time, but she has always maintained an alien-like facial paralysis and indifference. The flirtation of a man is obviously not like an old hand. She seduces successfully, which can be summed up simply and rudely as "I don't know how to flirt. As long as I tell a strange man that we'll have sex, we can succeed." In fact, this part can be described A little bit of the heroine's psychology will be more exciting, but the film does not. Then she led the man to a place where ordinary people would feel that something was wrong, and the men who were dazed by the beauty didn't notice that the terrain was wrong. If the highlight of the first half is that men are led to a dark place to be made into alien food (well, this is also mentioned in the introduction, the little friends who haven't read the introduction are blank, and they have posted a barrage to express WTF). The turning point of the heroine's thought stemmed from sympathy for a person similar to Quasimodo, who was about to succeed, but gave up (this is also the credit of the introduction, because it is impossible to judge whether Quasimodo escaped or not just by watching the movie. He also became a victim), and even tried human food (although it failed), what a turning point, just a few hesitant eyes or unsteady movements of the heroine can increase the fullness of the characters, and it is hard to be directed (or actors). ) is boring and ignored, the scene where the heroine eats the cake made me anxious, I drove slowly to the restaurant, slowly got off the bus, slowly cut the cake, and slowly forked the cake. This ink-stained scene drove me crazy. I didn't see the heroine's determination or hesitation or noncommittal when trying to "rehabilitate and be a new person". I only felt the bad taste of the director delaying the time to torture the audience's patience. Several scenes were still for a long time. Don't move, if it weren't for a few barrages drifting and the progress bar moving at a turtle speed, I would doubt the network card. In the second half of the film, I met a good person, and then the heroine almost had a relationship with the good person, although I don't know why the heroine wanted to have a relationship with him, maybe it was to meet the needs of sex lovers, maybe she was I want to be a real woman, maybe it's for the sake of some tall people who can't understand at my level The reason for Chang Zheli, in short, the passion scene is coming out, which will undoubtedly give the audience who are about to fall asleep a dose of refreshing spiritual caffeine, but the passion stops abruptly in the middle, and the heroine finds that she has no holes! So she put on a military coat of Shi Guangrong and escaped, so she inexplicably met a farmer who tried to QJ her, yes, aliens can't beat an unarmed farmer! So the heroine was burned to death by the farmer, ah, finally died, and the film ended in the concluding comment of "This alien is so weak and will invade the earth". Wait, after the heroine died, the camera showed a mysterious character who seemed to have clues and eggs throughout the whole play. It was really a mysterious character. Who is he? What does he come to do? No one knows, and I don't want to know.
The film was given two stars. It is said that it was adapted from the novel. The two stars are even given to the original novel's idea, as well as the beautiful picture and good music of the film. Oh, and Scarlett's beautiful skin.
Finally, let me say one more thing, don't watch this film if you are a little anxious.

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