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Regarding this film, it is very similar to the domestic Hou Hsiao-hsien's "Assassin Nie Yinniang" from the director's point of view and film technique, and the camera is slow and wants to die. However, in terms of attitude, it is a good interpretation of human desires; in the eyes of humans, first of all aliens should not understand beauty and ugliness, food, warmth, sex... A series of complex human emotions , their purpose is only one survival.
In this film, Scarlett doesn't even have a name. She plays a beautiful girl and acts as a bait; she drives a truck to pick up people and chats with passers-by. Maybe her experience tells her that men are easy to meet, so The prey were all male; the men on camera complimented her appearance and chatted happily; she went back and forth, driving men into the car to the hunting ground, back and driving...until she met the bar man, she There may be emotions such as a sense of existence; then she met an extremely ugly man. Through chatting, she learned that this man was very inferior. Because of his ugly appearance, he could only act at night. She began to think about the importance of this skin, and she was curious. At the same time, she also relied more on this skin. She let the ugly man go and started thinking... But, the ugly man is still dead and was intercepted by the motorcycle man (alien) who was supervising her; she Started to learn the human diet, but she was more curious, she tried to think and wander... Being taken care of by a kind person, she felt that she would be afraid, to be cared for and cared for, she repeatedly observed this She has a skin; making love, why does it feel good, but when the man entered her body, she panicked, maybe what she was afraid of was the feeling at the time, but the more thing was that the skin was broken; she Escaped to the forest and rested quietly in the small house inside. She felt extremely quiet, and hearing the wind blowing in the woods was much more comfortable than the noisy, irritable sound on the street... But um, As expected, she encountered a pervert, and she panicked (os: Why is the man still chasing after him for the sake of having sex, for the ten minutes of venting, he was thirsty to a certain level. The man from before was more gentle Now, I also cook for the hostess, listen to music, take a walk, etc. It’s scary.) Sure enough, as expected, the fierce pulling still broke the skin, and now the hostess is heartbroken, baby It was broken, she put her head in her hands and looked at it with love, and shed tears sadly (os: This echoes the scene where she ripped off a woman's clothes at the beginning, she finally understood why the woman left tears) ;She has human vanity, desire, sympathy, love, and panic... After finally realizing the complex feelings of human beings, she was set on fire by the forest man pouring gasoline...
Sure enough, curiosity Kill the cat and the aliens will be bored too. Or to put it another way, people are people. In the end of the movie, the aliens are played as human beings, and I have to tell you that even if you have human skins, aliens are aliens.
Do aliens, Buddhas, ghosts, gods...exist? I don't know, but these things, I'd rather believe that there are, and staying away is not only respect for them, but also a cover for my ignorance.
The world is huge and the universe is vast.

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  • Joanny 2022-03-20 09:01:41

    A thousand words are all leftovers from playing Liaozhai, but what is interesting is that Glazer has his own ingenuity in the way he creates the atmosphere. If he is invited to shoot "Painted Skin", I believe it will be the same for a while.

  • Domenick 2022-03-29 09:01:02

    [66%] Like "Neon Demon", it was completely overwhelmed by the form. On one side is the city, on the other side is the forest; on the other side is the eerie atmosphere and horror supported by the soundtrack, and on the other side is the empathy chain established by the subjective camera and performance; the story itself. Such extreme opposition in form creates irreconcilable contradictions in both text and images. Most of the eerie feeling that the film is extremely magnified comes from this contradiction, but the carrier of this contradiction is a very superficial motif. (The self-awareness of the tool + flesh and spirit), and the interpretation is nothing new. In this way, the film is torn in half by the sense of form. Of course, there are still some advantages. For example, the scene of the little black house that everyone mentioned is really amazing; some plot designs are also quite interesting. But Xiaoqing is not omnipotent, and no one can be vassalized by anyone. With such a potential theme, in the end, he did not even have a consistent style. Outrageous.

Under the Skin quotes

  • Female: You're not from here? Where are you from?

    Camper: I'm from Czech Republic.

    Female: Why are you in Scotland?

    Camper: I just... wanted to get away from it all.

    Female: Yeah? Why here?

    Camper: Because it's... It's nowhere.

  • Female: So, why do you shop at night, then?

    The Deformed Man: People wind me up.

    Female: How?

    The Deformed Man: They're ignorant.