under the skin

Crawford 2022-04-21 09:01:57

"Under the Skin" can barely see my jaw, I just want to say: Fuck! I fuck! I fuck! 100,000 people never expected. You thought it was a literary film, but it was actually a science fiction film; you thought it was a science fiction film, but it was a thriller; you thought it was a thriller, but it was actually a literary film, and some people even said they were bored and couldn’t understand it. Because there are so many single-frame fixed-camera long shots, it's so long that you wonder if the playback device will still work. Scarlett Johansson's subversive performance, commercial films are very goddess, and literary films are very emotional. In fact, the most important part of subversion is full frontal nudity. The theme of the film is to show the awakening of women's consciousness.

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  • Johnnie 2022-04-23 07:01:54

    How did Scarlet grow into Lady Gaga?

  • Cristobal 2021-11-29 08:01:21

    1. 2046 Roaming the Earth 2. "I'm not bad, I don't have any" 3. People are so ugly that aliens don't want to be just kidding 4. The symbol is the finishing touch or redundancy depends on personal preference 5 . Scottish English is an alien language, thank you.

Under the Skin quotes

  • Female: You're not from here? Where are you from?

    Camper: I'm from Czech Republic.

    Female: Why are you in Scotland?

    Camper: I just... wanted to get away from it all.

    Female: Yeah? Why here?

    Camper: Because it's... It's nowhere.

  • Female: So, why do you shop at night, then?

    The Deformed Man: People wind me up.

    Female: How?

    The Deformed Man: They're ignorant.