You can be great, but don't be great

Ophelia 2022-04-19 09:01:43

Let’s spit it out first:
One of the shortcomings of this movie is: Guess the ending: the truth will definitely come out, the protagonist will definitely win, but it’s not clear how many black police there are.
Highlights: There is a white-haired FBI uncle who is very handsome, handsome and handsome!

This is a good movie.

About how compact the plot in this film is, how clever the editing is, how well the emotional rendering is in place, how the plot is ups and downs, etc., someone has already analyzed it in detail, and there are more powerful people who have analyzed the negotiation methods in it. is very good.
I have a little thought about this movie.
Suppose there are 50 police officers in their police station, and then there are 10 to 20 corrupt people. Of course, these more than ten people hope that the protagonist will die as soon as possible, so the remaining 30 have no doubts at all?
We have seen a lot of people in the film, except for the people who perform tasks numbly without speaking and showing their faces, the rest of the people seem to be shouting and cheering to kill the protagonist. Looking at it, it seems that everyone in the police station hopes that the protagonist will be killed. The sooner you die, the better -- for whatever reason.


I guess that's one of the reasons those 30+ people want him dead.

Let's look back at the beginning of the clip: the
black protagonist does not follow the routine, does his own thing, and is suspected of being a hero, saves a little girl, then makes a glorious appearance on TV, and then greets everyone proudly at the bar, everyone is also piled up A smile on his face, but what are you thinking in your heart? Watchers, think back to your student days, and see how you feel when you see those exams that are always first, champions in sports meetings, talented students, and classmates from good families—even if it’s not out of malice , but if any disaster happens to those "stars", you will involuntarily feel more or less gloating: no matter how good you are, you still have today.
Many talented and sharp-edged people are often envied by everyone.
Any idea why the wife of the murdered police officer (named Nate?) hates the protagonist so much? Even before the truth is known? (In the United States, you are innocent until the court convicts you, so when the widow sees the protagonist, strictly speaking, the protagonist is still a legal resident at that time, although there is a lot of suspicion) The widow's fierce and hateful face is just Because of her husband's sudden death? Is it not at all because the male protagonist has been better than his husband over the years, and the male protagonist's wife often talks to her about her husband's glorious deeds (here is my own YY, you can ignore it) jealousy over time?
"My husband was on TV again today and saved a little girl"
"What medal did my husband get today?"
"My husband..."
and so on, that kind of feeling, it's a bit like hearing The taste of "what about other people's children".
So I guess, it may be: husband's death + long-term jealousy = current hatred
In fact, pay attention in real life, you can avoid the tragedy in this film, the method is what my title says: You can be excellent, but Don't stand out.
I think, in a company, or enterprise or institution, or school, or circle of friends, if you can really be excellent, then you can already meet many of your own needs: high salary, attention from friends, opportunities for promotion, etc. . And to get these, you don't have to do everything first.
But Chinese education tells us: you are not the first, you are lower than others, you are the first, you can get everything.
Then everyone is madly fighting for the first place. The person who is the first is jealous, and the person who is not the first is jealous of others. Everyone lives in this kind of environment, and then there is the so-called "study pressure"" The work pressure is high” and so on, to put it simply, it is still out of jealousy.
Having said that, not being jealous does not mean not pursuing excellence. My title is "You can be excellent, but not outstanding." and I don't care". My request to myself is: to be a useful person, and then to be able to take care of the people around me, that's enough, I don't need to compare everyone, and I don't need to be the only hero :)

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