The Negotiator--Here Is A Injure Cop

Caden 2022-06-22 11:08:46

I asked a friend for a few movies a few days ago, and he recommended this movie called "Ace Vs. Ace." I have to admit, if it wasn't for him, I would probably have missed another title that didn't translate well, but it's definitely a movie worth watching.

The whole film, from the arrangement of the plot to the visual effects given to the audience, is very shocking. The plot is roughly a brilliant negotiator who is framed for a crime because of corruption within the police station. During this period, no one was willing to believe him and help him, so he was forced to take the risk and trapped a number of related people in a room to start life-death negotiations with the police. In spite of the crisis, the impassable police officers who surrounded him were not only unable to control his way of thinking but also bewitched and persuaded by him. And his request is to invite another master negotiator to arrive at the scene, and then the real good show begins.

Not from the big one. When the plot progressed to the point where the hero, Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson), was framed, from his comrades who fought alongside him to his superiors, no one was willing to come out to support him. He had to take a risk in order to prove his innocence and keep his promise to his beloved wife. You can imagine a group of comrades who fought side by side and were regarded as true friends by themselves. At a critical juncture, they did not even have the most basic trust, let alone help; at Eyeing the tiger, you can imagine how much and how sad the bet is when a group of people who once thought they knew the best were not sure whether they were trustworthy at that moment and finally established their trust in a stranger. Seeing what he said to the bunch of colleagues outside with the walkie-talkie, it was indeed a strategy, but who said there was no truth in it? Of course, when the conscience of several of the policemen is awakened, a short scene of unbearable shooting at him warms the whole film, and then the hostages in the room begin to believe that he is helping him, which is even more gratifying.

When I heard the last sentence of the film, "Here is an injured cop," my mood finally became clear.

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The Negotiator quotes

  • Lieutenant Chris Sabian: Well I guess you think Butch and Sundance lived too.

  • Rudy Timmons: Because once you familiarize yourself with the chains of bondage you prepare your own limbs to wear them. Fuckin' Abraham Lincoln said it, and I fuckin' believe it, so you have got to get me the fuck out! Now!

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