I have to write a movie review and complain to appease my lost heart

Michel 2022-04-22 07:01:18

First of all, a few digressions:
I don't know much about Scarlett Johansson, but I have long admired the name of her sexy goddess. I wanted to watch this film entirely after hearing about the full nudity, and for the purpose of trying to create a reasonable female image, I took the initiative to invite my sweetheart who likes Scarlett Johansson to go with me.
I tried my best to describe the film as a story of an empty and lonely heroine driving every day to fish for Kaizi ONS in a cold city - in fact, I think so from the heart - and this also makes the full nudity scene more reasonable. .
But my sweetheart, as a noble, pure and moral person who is out of vulgar taste, he was unmoved, and he justly rejected me many times and chose to watch Scarlett in "Captain America 2".
Out of some habitual psychology, I still rushed to the cinema with a sense of urgency the night before the film was released. After watching it, I felt very annoyed, and I hated why I failed to convince my sweetheart, why I failed to insist on bringing him to watch this film, otherwise I would be able to witness the goddess’s disillusionment with him inadvertently and with good intentions. the whole process.

The following is the text full of spoilers. Presumably, my compatriots in China could not watch it because of its 15 bans, but I just want to say that this is your blessing. You saved 107 minutes and 100 yuan of your life.

On the premise that I haven't read the original book, I didn't understand what it was doing until the last scene. I just felt that the rhythm was lazy and the plot was messy. But it's nothing, let's just count it as a foreshadowing, and it feels good that the truth is revealed at the end.
I don't think it's a sin, and I don't know where the superiority of those who have seen the original (including the originals of many other movies) comes from, especially the so-called you have to watch this other to understand this. As a movie itself, if you can't tell a story clearly and completely, it's your sin, and you can't rely on the audience not seeing the original.

So let me just give you a flashback based on my personal understanding.
It's probably an alien (I know from the movie reviews, I didn't see it as an alien in the film, just a humanoid coke-colored creature of unknown gender) and put on Scarlett Johansson's human skin (the skin was taken off at the end Will wink at it...), driving the truck on rainy English streets every day. Apart from chatting up, he is very reticent. After he succeeds, he will take men from all walks of life to different residences. He will lead men into traps by "stripping himself off one by one".
The so-called trap is a pool of viscous black water. After the man is immersed, it will become dehydrated, the skin will wrinkle, it will explode, and finally it will gradually dissolve like a broken balloon.

She seems to have a helper who drives her motorcycle like a ghost every day, and occasionally helps her dispose of the corpse. There is not a single line, so I don't understand what kind of role it is.

The first picture is very abstract, and the background sound is the basic pronunciation of her studying English. The next scene is that her helper stuffed the girl picked up from the bushes by the road into the trunk of the truck. She went home and stripped the girl and put on other people's clothes. She also went to buy lipstick foundation and a fake mink . I think this marks her official infiltration into human society?
After that, he kept on "hunting", often using asking for directions as an excuse to take others for a trip in return, and then he kept teasing others with words in the car, taking them all the way into the thick black water of his own home.
When there was a traffic jam on the road, a man in another car bought a rose from a florist on the street and asked the seller to give it to her. When she got it, her hand was stained with blood, and she looked up to see the florist wrapping her wound with a bandage. . To be honest I don't get it here.
Among them, there is a sick and deformed man. I think she is so vicious. Even such an unfortunate person refuses to let go... Bullying someone who has never slept in a girl... In the end, I don't know why I didn't do it. After the man escaped, he was still arrested. Her helper was killed... Please he just wants to go to TESCO to buy something at night! He is just kind enough to show you the way! It's you who insisted on touching people's little hands and pulling them to mold your face and neck!

Until she met a kind man who didn't have any bad thoughts about her, but only really cared for her, helped her take care of her, cooked for her and took her out to play, she finally couldn't help kissing him. When she was about to have sex, she protected her lower body with her hands from being inserted, and anxiously crawled to the bedside to pick up the lamp to take a closer look...
After the truth came out, I thought she might have been afraid of being pierced by him...

Later, she ran out of the man's residence in a hurry in the rain. On the way, she met a talker in the forest. When the cabin was resting, he was woken up by someone and was almost molested. She fled in the bastard and saw a big truck full of logs parked there. She couldn't get up to drive the car, so she honked the horn wildly. I didn't expect that it was the car of the talker... The
talker chased her all the way, and finally succeeded. Pushed her down, rode on her, ripped her clothes roughly, and then accidentally ripped her human skin... When I saw the camera, I thought her waist was bleeding, or something When a certain man in front of her gave her flowers, he got blood on his hands and got sick. It was only in the second shot that it was clear that there was a hole in her waist... Her skin was torn and had to be taken off...
At this moment, the typhoon who was scared away just now ran back bravely with a bucket of gasoline and poured it on her , set it on fire and burned her to death.

The end of the show...

Is it really okay to set fires in the deep mountains and old forests in winter? And no matter how the talker didn't get scared to pee, it's really courageous... And the aliens were actually burned to death like this...

In addition, there is an unbelievable bridge, that is, she was hanging out on the beach and chatted up someone During the winter swimmer, a couple left their young son who was one and a half years old to seek death. The winter swimmer immediately went to the sea to save people, and the man who was rescued walked back and insisted on drowning... The winter swimmer collapsed on the shore and was picked up by her. A stone died...and then her helper came to collect the body...until the night fell and no one cared about the little boy...and finally the radio said that the little boy was also missing.

In short, I think the deep meaning behind this lazy and messy movie is: there is a knife on the head of the color!

The first film review in my life is dedicated to a film that makes people have to complain...

Include my short review:
The familiar street scene shop pedestrians feel like they were filmed by my classmates; if the heroine did not gain weight for this movie, the so-called sexy goddess with a good figure must be a false name, and the naked breasts don't look too big and fat; The whole thing is bad, but it's so bad that I like it, and many scenes are good; I used the free ticket given by the cinema membership card, but even if I watch it for free, I still feel a little bit of a loss.

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  • Angel 2021-11-29 08:01:21

    Desire is food, what is a skin

  • Myrl 2022-03-23 09:01:48

    In fact, it is a story about "feeling": under the stimulation of desire, the heroine transforms from the object of perception to the subject of perception, so she also falls from the identity of the hunter to the fate of being hunted.

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