Will you negotiate?

Elody 2022-04-20 09:01:37

Recently, one of the rare films that I found very enjoyable after

watching this film was directed at 2 male lead characters.

The whole piece is smooth. Doesn't make you feel like you sometimes want to sleep or anything.

The most interesting thing is their dialogue, a large part of which can be called classics.
What impressed me most was the question of where to look when speaking.

In fact, this should not be too scientific.
It is said that a small number of people are different from the public, such as a small number of left-handed people.
Other factors, like small actions, should also be considered.

I think the best thing about this movie is that it's real. Nothing fancy and exaggerated. Makes you think you might encounter this kind of thing, what would you do? ?

Just like the male No. 2 at home, he can't persuade his daughter to put down the phone, and he can't persuade his wife to get out of the bedroom. Negotiators do. Ha ha. . .

This movie is worth watching. Learn a few tricks.

We were all laughing when we watched it. . . Maybe when the time comes, you really may not be how it will be. Ha ha.

Will you negotiate? ?

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The Negotiator quotes

  • Lieutenant Chris Sabian: You okay?

    Rudy Timmons: Does it look like I'm okay? I got a gun pointed to the back of my fucking head.

    [Looks at Sabian's ski gear]

    Rudy Timmons: Nice fucking pants, man.

  • [Danny points his gun at Rudy]

    Lieutenant Danny Roman: Too bad Rudy, Danny Roman was *just* starting to like you.

    Rudy Timmons: Well tell Danny Roman to hold the fuck on!