Winning is not the ultimate goal

Claude 2022-04-19 09:01:45

I thought it was a sports inspirational movie, but after watching it, I found that the film expresses far more than the topic of sports, but also has a noble will to save lives and redeem children. Reminds me of "Dead Poets Society", the good movie that once made me cry.

Basketball has been my love for many years, and I can deeply feel the tense atmosphere in the film. The wonderful showdowns, comebacks, lore and other good scenes are also staged. The coach's coaching method is also unique. First, the rules are established before the teachers and students are discussed. The role of the coach's son is a bit superfluous, too deliberately arranged, and sometimes you don't even feel the father-son relationship.

The short-sighted team members and some of their parents, the principal who is in the interest of the immediate interests, represent the secular faction. They believe that winning can solve problems, winning can get honors, and winning can be crazy to show off and open a party. But the coach didn't think so. He was thinking about the children's future, how to let them enter the college campus, avoid repeating the mistakes of their fathers, follow the old path of his former friends, and ruin his own life. I think this is a good coach who really cares about the students and really wants to help them. But it is often that kindness cannot be fully understood, because to do better requires more hard work and sacrifices more time to enjoy the worldly joys. This pain cannot be endured by all people, but those who have endured the pain can Taste the sweetness of the long-term future. Giving and rewarding are completely disproportionate at some point, because a little can be rewarded infinitely, but not everyone realizes this.

If you have youth, you will be rebellious. Fortunately, you can meet an elder who can change your paranoid, radical, and short-sighted vision, and you can grasp the future and avoid becoming inferior in society.

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