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Adriel 2022-04-21 09:01:47

First of all, I would like to thank Taobao for helping me find a lot of old movies. Let’s advertise for the owner. The quality of magic lamp audio and video is really guaranteed.
I thought this movie was pretty good when I watched it, but it was a bit unsatisfying after watching it. The first part of Chris's appearance was very good, but after that, it felt a little bit incomprehensible. Samuel's growth in the past ten years is still very obvious. Compared with his performance in Unthinkable, there is still a little bit of craftsmanship.
The plot is a little less convoluted, and it's a bit boring to know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy from the beginning. So until Danny was pulled away at the end, I thought Chris was stuffing Danny with key evidence that was hidden, and then they would identify more people involved, including Beck, and it turned out that the fucking badge was the one.
Alas, in the final analysis, I just like this kind of wit-fighting theme, and I hate that the screenwriter can't always beat the audience. . . .

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Extended Reading
  • Pearlie 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    The climax part lacks suspense, but it's really fun to watch the two big movie stars, especially Kevin Spacey, love!

  • Bartholome 2021-11-16 08:01:26

    Watching this movie directed at Kevin Spacey did not disappoint me. A very exciting Hollywood commercial film. When a negotiator meets a negotiator, the result is really interesting. Often you don’t speak, and the other party already knows what you are going to say. Later, "Dark War" may imitate this film, but just join The romantic atmosphere unique to Hong Kong movies~~

The Negotiator quotes

  • Lieutenant Chris Sabian: Well I guess you think Butch and Sundance lived too.

  • Rudy Timmons: Because once you familiarize yourself with the chains of bondage you prepare your own limbs to wear them. Fuckin' Abraham Lincoln said it, and I fuckin' believe it, so you have got to get me the fuck out! Now!