As a company executive, what did he see from Carter?

Rhiannon 2022-04-19 09:01:45

This post was written by my friend. As a senior executive of the company, I am also curious about how he felt after reading it:

Initial team building:

Observe and analyze and identify team and player abilities

Establish and clarify values

Determine executable goals (moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor), team rules and specific implementation plans, and obtain team commitment

Implementation process:

Orderly lay the foundation first, and then gradually improve the ability

Pay attention to the way of doing things, through a series of "cousin, girlfriend" ways and methods, so that the team members can effectively absorb his experience

Resolutely implement the established goals, break through all obstacles, and treat things not people

Strengthen the cohesion of the team, and both are prosperous.

In the end, the team:

Germany - success

Wisdom - success

body - success

beauty - success

Law - success

Finally, quote a sentence inside, dedicated to the company:

What we fear most is not that others look down on us,

What we fear most is that our future is boundless,

What we really fear is our bright side,

Not our dark side,

Those who follow the crowd live in vain,

There is no achievement without effort,

People around you will be proud of you because of it.

We all have a bright future...

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