You, a young, passionate and second-year-old, what is your deepest fear?

Maud 2022-04-20 09:01:40

Rewatching it ten years later, coach Carter. Starred by Samuel Jackson, "THE black guy." I watched several basketball movies one after another in college, but now I remember a heads-up, not to mention Road of Glory and Coach Carter's heads-up , Among the two movies based on true stories, the one I liked more at that time was the Road of Glory. After all, I, who have never been involved in the world in the ivory tower, felt that you should win everything at the end of the story. The road to success is full of thorns. The logical emphasis of this sentence lies in success, and the thorns are only condiments to enhance the story. The road to glory is obviously more satisfying to my taste as a middle school student at that time. So I re-read it a few times. At that time, coach Carter, because of cultural differences or too realistic, would nod and say yes to the movie after watching it, and would shake his head and sigh at the final regret and defeat, and vaguely feel that such a movie is a bit special, but I don’t think so. Will watch again. It wasn't until last night ten years later that I suddenly discovered how successful this movie, which ended with the failure of the protagonists, was, and I understood why I had so many feelings I had never felt when I rewatched it.

Because ten years ago, I would not understand how a middle-aged man with a career and family behind his back came back to help his alma mater team with a salary of $1,000 for 3 months in the middle of his busy schedule;

Ten years ago, I didn't understand how a cruz with a high heart could beg the coach to return to the team after being kicked out of the team. It was a kind of love for basketball;

Ten years ago, I would not understand why a contract that seemed to be a joke would give Coach Carter so much power to block outside doubts and close the arena;

Ten years ago, I would not understand how disappointed this contract, the principle you stand for, would be when it was easily crushed by a populist playful vote;

Ten years ago, I would not understand the touching feeling of seeing your beloved disciples firmly support you when you give up your principles and choose to leave;

The most important thing is that ten years ago I may have understood, but did not want to believe and never had this experience:

Finally one day, when you are still young, you find that you are not the proud person of the sky, you are not the dragon among the people you think you can become, your so-called talent will be ruthlessly defeated by the real talent, and your so-called pride will be defeated by the true pride. Ruthlessly trampled on, you still feel, or make people feel that you will own the world, but you have no clue or even a deep fear of the future.

despite this.

Because of this person, when you are most hesitant and fearful, he firmly tells you that as long as you do what he says, he will guarantee that you will succeed. You will lose your protective color and do everything to fight the impossible, you will understand the importance of personal dignity and the glory of the team, and you will find that you suddenly have the courage to talk about your mother's talent, Lao Tzu Still have to try.

Because of this person, you have changed from a boy to a man, you chase success, and you accept failure;

You will find that there are not even thorns in the way of others' success, and you will not hate;

You will find that the road of your failure this time is full of thorns, but you will not feel alone;

Because as long as this person is behind you, you know you're on the right path.

I hope that every young man who is hot-blooded, tough on the outside but hesitant on the inside can find their coach Carter.

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