The game is lost, the life is won

Timmy 2022-04-20 09:01:40

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

Different from the legendary stories like "Moneyball", and without the deep emotional bond in "Heads Up" and "Weakness", "Coach Carter" focuses on every game while pursuing the thrill of winning against the world in competitive sports. More realistic issues for young athletes - life planning.

The entire film spends two-thirds of its time on Coach Carter's efforts to cultivate high school players' personal accomplishments and their resistance to improving academic performance. It seems to have nothing to do with basketball, but it actually clarifies the tone of the entire film. In fact, Coach Carter is not training basketball players from the beginning, neither Lyle nor Junior, they are not the Ty Crane in the film, nor the LeBron James in reality. They're just high school players in an unremarkable small town in California. Basketball may be the stepping stone to their college, but it will never change their life. Asking players to match Sir, wear a tie on game day and score well above the par, Coach Carter has been looking to the future.

Coach Carter's "reform" encountered many obstacles in the whole process. The school, the players' parents, the media, public opinion... However, this crazy and stubborn "ideal man" used his persistence and dedication to finally let those who have long been living The imprisoned "real person" changed his mind. The school committee vote heralds the failure of the "reform" and life seems to be returning in familiar ways. However, when Coach Carter, who took the initiative to resign and leave the school, walked into the gym, he saw rows of desks and faces with renewed hope for life. He let the bastards who were full of doubts about success and did not try their best to pursue their own light, took a step to dare to pursue their dreams.

One of the details that impressed me the most in the whole movie is Coach Carter canceling all games because the players failed to fulfill their contracts as required. , Ken replied "Isn't that the source of the problem"! Ken Carter, who is also a player, will not know how much attention a high school student can get from a brilliant game, and how many college teams will extend an olive branch because of this. But Coach Carter decided to ban players. A high school league victory is just a momentary joy, and one season of success will not change their life, and the sense of accomplishment gained after ignoring law and order will prompt a black teenager growing up in a rural community to go to the road of crime.

The beauty of competitive sports is its uncertainty, which seems to run counter to the big truth in life that we know—hard work can change everything. The film finally abandoned the happy fairy tale ending and chose a more realistic and shocking ending. Richmond fell again before the mighty St. Francis. Efforts in life will not necessarily bring you the results you expect, and loss may be the most profound emotion on the way to growth. But after 4 months of training, Timo gained self-salvation and learned to respect; Kenyon dared to face the future and bear the pressure brought by children to life; Junior successfully completed his studies, worthy of his mother's expectations... Everyone is in Under the guidance of Coach Carter, he has gained something that belongs to basketball but is far greater than basketball.

Here we have to sigh the speech ability of Americans in boosting morale. At the end of the film, Richmond, who was beaten by St. Francis, returned to the locker room and was dejected. Facing countless declining faces and a depressing atmosphere, a speech by Coach Carter can be described as the essence of the entire film. "What you do is far more important than winning or losing, and what you do is what many people have been after all their lives - conquering themselves." For players in the situation at the time, this is the best way to help them get out of sadness For the audience in front of the screen, it will also make them reflect on their real life and at the same time generate even a short-lived motivation to fight. This is the ultimate goal of all inspirational films.

Finally, I would like to thank "Coach Carter" for focusing on the "little people" in competitive sports, allowing the spotlight of professional sports to shine on those ordinary but not easy passers-by. After watching the film, we should cheer with them, cheering for the countless "losers" who also paid the same hardship and sweat behind those bright and bright sports stars.

Rich what? Richmond!

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