A coach's pattern can really change a player's life

Ericka 2022-04-20 09:01:40

First of all, I am a basketball lover, so I usually watch movies with basketball themes. I thought this was another story of a group of diaosi counterattacking. After the coach's training, I defeated all the opponents. It is a step of youth and inspiration. Great movie, but after watching it, I found out that the message it conveys is a deeper meaning and social value.

Regarding basketball, it conveys the value of hard training, emphasis on basic skills training, teamwork, tactical training, etc., especially the difference between Chinese and American basketball training, American basketball training pays more attention to strength and physical training, just like Coach Carter In the first game after coaching, the players said that we had not trained offensive tactics. The coach said that what you have learned, the players said that it was running, that's fine, then you go to the court and keep running.

The second one is about the spirit of the contract. At the beginning of coaching the team, Coach Carter got everyone to sign a contract with their parents. Then in the process of the story, there were many times when the players violated the contract, and Coach Carter would say that you signed the contract yourself, and you have to abide by it. Coach Carter reminds the players all the time that they must abide by the contract and have the spirit of the contract.

The third is the social value brought by Coach Carter, which is also the essence of this movie. If it is just a simple step basketball movie, it is impossible to circulate for so long. The reason why Coach Carter asked the players to sign contracts, and even suspended training and suspended games in order to allow them to meet the requirements for credits, was to hope that they would be admitted to college through basketball and credits, thus changing their fate as the bottom of society. Although he encountered all kinds of puzzles and resistance during the execution, Coach Carter still did it unswervingly, because he saw what kind of ending his teammates had in the past, so this is also part of his coaching. The reason for the Richmond team is to change the trajectory of these people's lives. So, one of the team members finally said, you save my life!

The reason why Coach Carter is great is not only leading these children to a 17-game winning streak in basketball, but more importantly, leading them to victory in life, teaching them how to be self-reliant, self-respect, how to respect others, and how to set the right attitude. life values ​​and pursuits. So, Coach Carter is great!

Coach Carter (2005)
2005 / USA Germany / Drama Movement / Thomas Carter / Samuel L Jackson Rob Brown

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    i want to play basketball

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    The name "Severe Winter of the Cattle Class" reminds me of the Spring of the Cattle Class. There are similarities between the two films. This movie is good!

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