"Coach Carter"

Maxine 2022-04-21 09:01:52

"Coach Carter" tells a very inspiring story. He tells the story of a coach named Carter teaching in Richmond, a black area. The coach's teaching method is very hardcore.

Three fires when the new officer took office. Coach Carter's first meeting with the little devils was full of gunpowder, but he won. He first sent everyone a contract with many requirements: if the training starts at 3:00, then entering the court after 2:55 is considered late; the test score must be 2.3 and above; the class must be seated Front row. Are you surprised after seeing it? I was also quite surprised. At that time, a few thorns directly withdrew from the basketball team. There was even one person who directly fought with the coach, but was easily subdued by Coach Carter. The rest were scared.

The next thing was more hard-core than the previous one. Coach Carter made the late or disobedient players do push-ups and run-and-run back runs, hundreds of sets at a time.

The coach's teaching method is also ingenious. He asked these boys to remember each tactic, and named each tactic with a girl's name, so as to deepen the memory.

In such an environment, the team started to have good results, winning four games in a row at once, but the coach was not happy because he found the players were too conceited and began to abuse and provoke opponents on the court because they Only four wins, not a championship. So the coach is more strict.

Then there is a new problem, the academic performance of the team members is not enough! After a test, the coach saw that the players all had D grades, and some people were skipping classes, which completely violated the terms of their contract. So, the coach did something that shocked the entire Richmond. He sealed the arena and let the players make up lessons in the library all day. This is the extraordinary thing about this coach. He not only thinks about the performance of the team, but also the future of the players. Because the black area was very chaotic at that time, if the high school students do not study hard, they may be on the road of breaking the law in the future. Although he was taken to court and even suspended for the incident, he still stood his ground. The players also felt the difficulty of the coach, and they all learned it seriously.

Finally, after a few weeks, the players all passed the test and returned to the field, earning many honors for the school.

This movie made me appreciate the good intentions of Coach Carter, and the street riots in the black area of ​​the United States at that time, such as those who started to buy and sell drugs with various gangs since high school, and for example, some high school students gave birth to children and become fathers the wait.

The whole film is really very real, and I think it's very good.

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  • Maureen 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    To educate a person, first change his life. Only when you are really old will you understand this. When you think that the brightest moments of your life have stayed in the past and will never have highlights, you will understand that Coach Carter must learn self-discipline at the expense of pleasure when he is young, and become an adult. How important it is for life to be possible to continue highlighting afterwards.

  • Weston 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    The cheerleaders are ugly

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