"Coach Carter"

Vince 2022-04-21 09:01:52

Really like this movie. There are many perspectives that can be discussed, such as how to lead a team from the bottom to winning the championship, love can last for a long time, big things in the world must be done in detail, difficult things in the world must be done easily, team spirit and so on.

But what really left the deepest impression on me was that after everyone won 16 consecutive victories, everyone's cultural class scores did not meet the requirements, and the coach locked the entire gymnasium and suspended it. The consequences of doing so can be imagined. A stone stirred up a thousand waves. The coach just endured silently, insisting on what he did. Because he loves basketball and loves these kids more, he wants them to have a better future. They can have a better future by not only making their lives only playing football. I still remember that he wanted everyone to ask themselves, "What kind of future do I want?" What about that plot? at a high school with a graduation rate of less than 50%. In a city with a 33 percent crime rate after high school, if they don't get into college, they can imagine the future. He really loves these guys. That's why he was alone under the pressure from the school, parents, and society. In the end, the coaches were forced to go to court with them and were forced to resign. He is a great coach. is a great educator. For children, it is fortunate to have such a teacher in their lives who takes them to heart and truly considers their future. They meet the nobles in their lives. For coaches, and for every educator, it's a matter of conscience. You may have come into contact with many children in this industry, but behind them is their future and the hope of their families, and how can you take it lightly.

a few easter eggs

1. Words must be believed, deeds must be fruitful. What you promise to do must be done even after all the hardships.

2. Learn from others and compare with yourself. The real excellence of a person lies not in being superior to others, but in being superior to his past self. When faced with a little success, don't be arrogant, because success is temporary, but growth is eternal. Always maintain an empty cup mentality.

3. Create self and pursue no self. Our greatest fear is not that we are not good enough, our greatest fear is that we have a future, and it is not the dark side that we fear, but the bright side of us. A cowering attitude can't change the world, and hiding your inner potential won't make those around you feel more secure. We should all develop our inner potential, just like children, everyone is the same, when we let ourselves shine, we unconsciously influence the people around us so that they can do the same, not only do we get rid of our own Fear, our presence also naturally liberates others.

4. You can be beaten but not beaten. This seems to be different from what is written in the novel, at least we don't have it today. But you guys, you are no different from champions, you never give up, champions are always fighting. What you do today is far more important than winning or losing, far more important than the sports headlines in the newspapers tomorrow. What you have achieved is what some people have pursued all their lives, and what you have achieved is to surpass yourself. Gentlemen, I am very proud of you. I came to Richmond 4 months ago and I had a plan and it failed. I'm here to train basketball players, but you've become students. I came to train boys, and you turned out to be men. For this, I want to thank you. "There is a determination in their eyes." The champion may lose, but he never bows his head. "Yes.


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