I'm afraid we have a bright future

Andrew 2022-04-21 09:01:52

Many times, when we watch movies, we don’t actually watch them, but ourselves. From the characters you see, the things you see and the feelings you feel are reflected. That's the main reason I'm obsessed with watching movies.

Carter is an adult coach. For a group of rebellious teenagers, he treats them with an equal eye. He uses "contracts" to impose constraints on each player, but in fact he does it for himself in disguise. What does he benefit from the contract? In addition to the honor after the success, forgive me for not seeing other. But how much effort did he put into it? This is what I admire most about him. But we can also notice that when his son came to discuss with him that he wanted to transfer schools, he also used a "contract" to negotiate, and each took a step back to reach a consensus.

Cruz, as the most obvious thorn in the team, did not obey the coach when he first contacted the coach, and would rather quit than be rebellious. But then, why would you rather do 2,500 push-ups, 1,000 suicide runs, and also want to return to the team? Because he himself is tired of acting with his cousin in the society, and he also wants to choose a life with his own sunshine. Maybe there will be a haze before the sun, but so what, my choice.

Perhaps arrogant, perhaps arrogant, is nothing more than a by-product of the explosive growth of teenage self-identity. Everyone has their own life, and the same will have their own corresponding choices and paths. In fact, Coach Carter did not tell each player what you need to do when you are facing a problem. He is just using what he has done to tell the team members that it is not impossible to live a splendid life in the future, and you can also think about it!

Failing the culture class is the reason why Coach Carter refuses to continue teaching football. Why is he still holding on when the whole world is against it? Is this stubbornness? It's okay to be stubborn, but I'm more inclined to be a mature soul's respect for another group of souls. Since I promised to do it, it has nothing to do with machismo, but the promise was made when the contract was signed.

Coach Carter is teaching the ball, and that's right. Coach Carter is also teaching them how to behave, which is what moved me the most.

We study hard, in fact, not only to eat a hot meal, but also to become a person who does not need others to preach. I am really disgusted with those short video apps now, especially when my dad often sees a random short video on DY, saying that life is difficult, that life is hard, that life has to be cruel, and he would come over and share it with me . I had to watch it patiently, and then said to my dad: "Dad, I already know what you have taught me over the past 20 years. I don't really like to show up just by myself and how to behave in a didactic tone, as if He's like my dad."

Towards the end, Cruz stood up, the light behind him for a moment, peacefully but honestly telling the truth: "You saved me"

Our actions can also liberate others

Just like another name I chose myself, Jun Kuang. A person who helps others to become a gentleman must be on the road to becoming a gentleman. I may not have met someone who saved my life, but I am already trying to help others.

Carter. A basketball coach, a life coach.

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