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Carmelo 2022-04-22 07:01:14

This review is the feeling after three brushes.

Before the first two brushes were in college, I felt that the movie was about how Coach Carter poured chicken soup into a bad team into a strong team. In fact, the film is about the social reality of the living conditions of the low-income group. The plot reflects the low income, low education level, low government funding and lack of construction and maintenance of public facilities, high crime and death rates, unmarried pregnancies, street crimes, The proliferation of guns, contraband parties ... and a series of problems.

Watched it on Netflix for the third time and noticed some small details:

(The following is in no particular order)

* Richmond (the protagonist team) is mostly black, and the cheerleaders are all black; the good schools are mostly white, and the cheerleaders are all white.

* The principal actually said in the suspension incident that "the year the team wins is the pinnacle of a player's life".

* One of the protagonists, Dabai, was caught by the coach when he was skipping class to pick up girls. In a panic, he mispronounced the girl Bella's name as Belly. It is estimated that the girls who were picking up this time only knew each other for 5 minutes.

* Explosive tipped his Hispanic "cousin" multiple times with money, the source of which must be illegal. The explosive head also concealed a gun, which seems to be inseparable from street crime.

* The black center is always called Junior by his teammates, probably because his teammates always call him Junior after seeing the center's mother.

* Black couples who are still high school students think about how difficult life will be after the child is born, and the most happy ending (girls choose to have an abortion and go to college with boys), but the movie still implies that there are many young black women in reality who are abandoned by their boyfriends. Choose to give birth to a child, and then live a difficult life (the hidden ending of a girl leaving a boy but going to college alone).

* Teams go out to play in the cheapest motels.

* The coach's son, who never drinks at the pool party, is in a trance, apparently having a drink laced with drugs.

* The girl who invited the team to the pool party was finally found by her parents in a car, and she was dressed as a middle-class white family. Perhaps the film is implying that the bottom and middle classes are not completely isolated.

* Although the coach has changed the lives of the players, who will change the lives of other students in the school?


In fact, I still have some missing content, I hope to make up for it next time:

1. During a conversation, the coach said that the basketball team was called "Oil Workers" and asked the players if they knew what kind of people were oil workers. After that, the plot continued, and the question was not answered.

2. The soundtrack of the movie is definitely closely related to the plot, but I know very little about the music, so I don't understand anything.

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