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There are quite a few chicken soup movies like this, such as Road to Glory, Moneyball, Glorious Years, etc., but the extraordinary thing about Coach Carter in this film is that he doesn't just focus on basketball itself, not simply Wanting to turn a 4-22 belly team last season into a state champion, Richmond was on the national hot search because of the ban, and behind the suspension was Coach Carter's "education" philosophy .

Super long winning streak, state championship and even national championship, how many people can really take basketball as a professional into the nba arena after all the glory, Kobe Garnett lbj and these well-known high school players are only rare, more people After the hustle and bustle, he can only return to real life, and Carter does not want to watch these teenagers go to the streets after high school and challenge the traditional American education system with a mass ban.

Richmond still lost in the end. But at Richmond High School, which has only a 50% graduation rate, everyone on the team got a diploma, and six of them were admitted to college. This story has attracted the attention of the United States. It is not only a sports news, but many people have begun to reflect on the American education system. They are not losers.

ps: 1. Carter's season salary is really $1,500. He not only has to lead the school team, but also lead a total of 45 players in the second team and freshman team. 2. Carter has seven sisters, and those tactics are all using their real names.

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