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Lonzo 2022-04-22 07:01:14

Now that there is no high school, watching an inspirational movie can feel like a chicken blood. In high school, when I read "When Happiness Comes Knocking", I can ignite hope, pick up the book, believe in myself, and imagine the future. After watching it several times in a row, there will be passion.

I wanted to see this movie a long time ago, but it is indeed as if inspirational movies are instinctively repulsive. has been put on hold until now. What prompted me to watch it again. It turned out that when I was learning English, some sentences about Carter appeared in it. If you want to watch a movie, just watch this one.

I have to say that the movie is much better than I imagined. I think inspirational movies are generally the same, but some of the educational content in this one touches me more. Of course, what I think is the best is the music, and the black friends who come out to speak have their own bgm. The soundtrack inside is just right, and it's all quite flamboyant. Although the plot has some twists and turns and some bluntness, you are very moved by watching it.

Let's talk about the movie itself. Samus is very famous among the black actors. Although I don't pay much attention to him, his face is very familiar. Then the white boy (I can't remember the name all the time) thought he was very handsome when he played Magic Mike. This drama is also very cool. Take care of him, dressup expert. Then I was very impressed with the one whose cousin was killed (I don't understand, I didn't remember the name after watching the show), he was a rebellious and contrasting existence, and it was also the turning point of the movie. The plot is still good, it follows this routine, but it feels like a routine. But I am a little embarrassed to see it. As an educator, I often find it difficult to deal with such things as "how to reasonably criticize and educate children" and feel more embarrassed. Then I told myself, it's okay, it's going according to the script, don't think too much. Then coaches are not just for kids about teaching them to play (playing is the most important thing for them, and the coolest thing.) Coaches are big, can see the future, and hope to change the future of the children. (I am the same in this point, but there is really nothing I can do more, the education system is not easy to change, and it is more important for children to believe that education can change the future or give children a better future. .

The second is the movies of the high school era, which are always full of enthusiasm, when mistakes are allowed, and when two mistakes are allowed. Seeing them full of passion and feeling that the future can be created and changed is wonderful. Friendship, love, family, everything is beautiful. (Although the white boy's father was in prison, in that era, he met Carter, like his father, like a teacher, like a friend's coach) It makes people believe in love again! We secretly ran out and kicked together, and when I was an adult, I felt tired even when I went out to socialize. At that time, I felt happy and refreshing.

Although the background of the era is the problem of the black education system, I may always go astray when watching movies.

Finally, let me talk about some of the things the movie has given, that is, I think I still have to believe in myself and the future! The education system cannot be changed, but you can really change yourself! I can meet many, many people, and many teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools, but really, good teachers are hard to come by. Whenever I communicate with my children about educational issues, I always think about my high school, how come I haven't met a teacher like me now, maybe it can really change everything! I also try my best to change, a child who can change. I have been doing this for more than 4 years, and I have seen too much. I hope that every child can be healthy, happy and brave to create their own future.

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