What we fear is our future

Tressie 2022-04-22 07:01:14

When I watch it, I always think of "Slam Dunk". There are similarities between the two. They are trying to catch up. They are losing in the last game. They have met a good coach. I saw Coach Carter asking them to wear suits. It was also incomprehensible at the time because it was unheard of in the films I've seen before, but as the film progressed I realized that coach Carter didn't just want to teach them how to play.

It's more about trying to teach them how to be a better version of themselves

Because I thought they made the same mistakes, so I don't want them to follow in his footsteps

But a good intention will not be so understood

Coach Carter's suspension sparks outrage

The store was smashed by others and was scolded on the road

At first the students did not understand

Coach Carter's suspension lifted after vote

When she wants to go back and pack up and go

When students spontaneously abide by the contract without breaking the promises they made

One of the students (forgot to remember foreigners' names) finally answered the question that Coach Carter always asked him

"What are you afraid of"

"What we fear is our future"

Change yourself and strive to become a better you want to spread positive energy to the people around you and infect them to become a better you together

Make Coach Carter aware that they are going in the direction they want

Lost by two points

Like the beginning of the movie, I lost to the same school

But their mentality is different from basketball, people and life.

Although they did not succeed

But very proud of Coach Carter.

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    Not interested in basketball,

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    Winning is a secondary role in the film. Carter changed the life of this group of students to become the main line. The academic performance must be met, the physical fitness test must be met, the meeting must be greeted by Mr. hello, and the suit must be worn before the game. Carter changed this way. These kids, so they can not only win, but go to college and have a better life, instead of hanging out with black punks and ending up in jail.

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