Watching "Mr. Carter"

Raphael 2022-04-22 07:01:14

The teacher in the management class the day before yesterday showed a movie about basketball, growth, and inspiration. I'm a bit face-blind, so I usually don't watch football games for fear of not recognizing everyone, but I watched the whole movie about basketball. It's a story between Coach Carter and the (mostly) black kids on the Richmond High School basketball team. Face blindness and poor memory keep me from mapping names to faces, but that doesn't stop me. The key to my understanding of the plot is that the film focuses on describing several of them, giving them a very three-dimensional image. The first is Carter, a basketball coach with a long-term vision. His academic requirements for the players have inspired the contradiction in the second half of the film. His suspension has aroused mutual opposition from the school and the parents of the players, but he still insists because he His goal is not only to win the game, he is more concerned about the future of his players - he wants all his players to go to college, which is only 50% of the graduation rate, and the probability of going to college is even lower (specific data Can't remember) Richmond is hard to come by. Plus, the episode where he named his game tactics after his sister and his lover was really funny! The second most impressive was the explosive head (can't remember the name), he left the team twice, returned twice, and even once after leaving the team Falling into drug addiction, he returned to the team after leaving the team for the first time. In my opinion, it was because he saw the confusion and unwillingness of his teammates after winning the game. He also wanted to win the game, but he did not realize what he was really after. What, therefore, when Carter was suspended from training to improve the academic level of his players, he again withdrew from the team. However, he is a child after all, he will kill his brother, he was very angry and sad when he saw his friend being shot and killed, he found Carter again and wanted to go back to the team, this time, in my It seems that it is more about his pursuit of higher status in life, not only to win, but also to change his own destiny, not to be reduced to being like the other 2/3 male black men in Richmond or die (killed) Or go to jail. The third is the little banger (can't remember the name), he's Carter's son who dropped out of San Francisco High to go to Richmond High in order to play ball for his father, and besides that, he made me The deepest impression is that he was admitted to West Point Military Academy in the end!

Another impressive thing is Kenyon (actually I still can't remember the name, this name is from my Baidu), his girlfriend is pregnant, and he loves his girlfriend very much, but at first he thought he would go to college and play basketball in the future It would be very difficult to raise a child at the same time. He didn’t want this child, and his girlfriend was relatively idealistic. After hearing Kenyon’s idea, he thought that he could raise the child by himself, and left angrily. . The two have been in a cold war, and finally Kenyon went to find a girlfriend after the suspension ended. At this time, his studies have made great progress, and he will have a high possibility of entering college, with his girlfriend and his children, But at this time, he found that his girlfriend beat up the child, because it would be really difficult to support the child alone! However, the two of them reconciled. After that, Kenyon used a scholarship to successfully buy a gift for his girlfriend, This small scene is a good side profile of Carter's change in the fate of the players!

The movie is based on a real story, so it doesn't have a happy ending like some movies, in the end Richmond regrettably lost to San Francisco by 2 points, but 5 people on this basketball team made it. After college, I personally think this is the most reasonable ending for this movie!

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