My lover is married, the bride is not me

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Maybe the real sadness can't cry at all.
Only smile or silence.
——Those who have watched Xie Mingmei

say that this is a classic comedy of big-mouthed beauties. But I would say, it is a love story of laughter and sourness, full of Stereotype of Wedding and Love.

Julianne and Michael were lovers in college nine years ago. Later, the love changed from strong to weak, and the two became friends from lovers. He and her jokingly agreed that if they didn't find their ideal partner by the age of 28, they would marry.

After graduation, Michael became a sports columnist for the magazine; Julianne became an authoritative commentator on the cooking column. Seeing that the age of 28 is approaching, Michael suddenly calls to say that he is getting married to a beautiful and gentle rich daughter (Cameron Diaz). Not only that, he also invited Julianne to be a bridesmaid, and Julianne realized that she had always loved Michael, and she decided to do whatever it took to get the groom back before the wedding.

This is the beginning of an ironic "big mouth beauty grabbing marriage": Michael's new love, Kimmy, is gentle, beautiful and lovely. The most terrible thing is that she has a father who is the number one rich man in the sports industry. Business has a pivotal impact. Seeing that there are only four days left until Michael and Kimmy's wedding date, Julianne, who is mad with jealousy, accepts Michael's invitation and agrees to be Kimmy's bridesmaid.

During the four days, the clever Julianne did everything she could to sabotage—she encouraged Kimmy to sing and let Michael see Kimmy's insufficiency; she explained to Michael that she had changed the reserved style that Michael didn't like; She and Michael take an afternoon swim, and they relive the songs they loved when they were in love; she submits a fake resignation letter to Michael's boss, causing Michael to misunderstand Kimmy's father...

The trick of the big-mouthed beauty is really dazzling, and the stimulated Michael finally can't help showing his strong jealousy of Julianne's fake boyfriend! It's a pity that God is not beautiful, and in less than an afternoon, Michael returned to his original decision-he was determined to marry Kimmy! He and Kimmy are a match made in heaven!

Just when Julian was at a loss, Kimmy finally had a misunderstanding of Michael and Julian's closeness. Seeing Michael's love for Kimmy, Julianne finally conceded defeat - in the wedding speech, Julianne confessed her mistakes calmly, and she gave the newlyweds a song about her and Michael's love. The bride and groom drove away in the wedding car, and the lonely Julianne silently bid farewell to the old lover in her heart.

Before the end of the song, one of Julianne's male friends, George, came to rescue her from the loss of her soul. George invited Julianne to dance so gracefully that many people misunderstood the ending of the movie - some even thought that Julianne and George's dancing together implied another romantic love - in fact, Julie in the movie Ann has told us many times that George is a gay man, she and George are just pure friendship, and even George always wears his wedding ring with another man on his finger. The lovelorn Julianne accepted the comfort of her friend George, and the two danced at the wedding of Julianne's rival, so the Hollywood-style classic comedy finally came to a successful conclusion.

The movie's poster is marked as a "comedy", but there is a hint of helplessness in many parts of the movie.

"My Best Friend's Wedding" has a Hollywood comedy cover - Julianne and the handsome George dance gracefully at the end of the film. The two people who are obviously parallel lines make the audience misunderstand that there is still light after the darkness. So Julianne, who was lost in love, put on a rose-colored phantom, making it almost invisible to the sadness behind the comedy.

Only women who have seen the movie know when Michael and Kimmy are happy on their honeymoon, when everyone is immersed in the joyful music of the wedding, when the banquet crowd swarms to bless the newlyweds, when Julianne accepts her The last gentle hug of "best friend", how lonely she was in her heart. I saw Julianne standing in the crowd, standing on tiptoe, trying to look at the happy Michael, hugging the bride away... This situation is so cruel.

From start to finish, Julianne didn't shed a tear or say a word of self-pity—of course, because the movie was meant to be "comedy" from the start.

But the camera still accidentally captured Julianne's dazed eyes and an extremely lonely smile. Even though she has been dancing with George with a smile - which reminds me of Xie Mingmei's words -
maybe she is really sad and can't cry at all.
Only smile or silence.

Probably the saddest love is this

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  • Jaquelin 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    I'm glad who's here on that shit day. I'm late for so many years and can never carry the lost. what's the hell.

  • Thomas 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    Seeing Diaz screaming and singing in a broken gong voice, she really loves him, I would not love someone unconditionally like this.

My Best Friend's Wedding quotes

  • Julianne Potter: Now remember, it is the duty of the best man to dance with the maid of honor.

    Michael O'Neill: Dance? You can't dance. When did you learn how to dance?

    Julianne Potter: I've got moves you've never seen.

  • George Downes: Go on. This is so moving. Kindred spirits, eh?

    Julianne Potter: No, he's nothing like me. He's like you, actually, only straight.