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It seems that in the film I watched recently, the new education and the traditional education concept conflicted, and a big point of conflict focused on whether to choose the present or the distant place. In this "Coach Carter", Carter said more than once that he hoped them have a better future, not just educating them in the present.
From the very beginning, Carter accepted the invitation to be a coach and came to Richmond to report. Although the principal said that he could contact her with any questions, she would fully assist her, but her body movements had already revealed that she was not Special attention has laid the groundwork for subsequent development. Until later, Carter needed the cooperation of the school teachers. The attitude and reaction of both the principal and the classroom teachers were: Teach your basketball well. Seeing this, not only Carter, but also the audience will be very angry. Shouldn't the school be a place to teach and educate people? Why can you give up students completely, to be ironic, even if you don't want to go to school? So, Carter resolutely fought back. At this time, it can be seen that the principal actually has the same heart as Carter, but he is timid and timid due to the reality, and it is also reflected in the later voting and when Carter is about to leave. She understands Carter, but does not agree with him. I think his approach is too radical, but in such an environment, it seems that it will not be effective if you don't be a little tougher.
In fact, the most annoying thing is not the teachers of the school but the parents. They think that it is good for them to let their children play basketball all the time, and even hope that the children can play basketball to maintain their families. Mrs. Battle came to Carter, hoping that her son could rejoin the team, but when he finally left, he heard her tell her son that if he dared to stop playing basketball at will, when the water, electricity and gas at home would be gone, how could he find a way? Knowing whether to laugh or what to do.
Parents, school teachers, and community atmosphere all only care about the immediate situation, without a long-term vision, how can we cultivate talents who can change the world? Education is never a person's business. The world is universally connected, and the things that have a slight connection with the educated are all important links that affect education. Although the current educational environment has been much better, in some remote areas, many parents still rely only on schools for their children's education, and they leave their children alone as soon as they go to school.
In areas where summer camps are held during the holidays, there are still some parents of children. On the one hand, when their children are at home, they let their children deal with all kinds of miscellaneous things. On the other hand, they do not let their children learn to expand their horizons, thinking it is a waste of time. Some campers who have launched for this reason are heartbroken.
Carter always likes to ask the players what they are most afraid of. Finally, Cruse, who returned to the team for the second time after witnessing the shooting of his cousin, finally gave the answer. We are most afraid of our bright future. What we are afraid of is our bright side. It's not our dark side...Because of being in such a cultural atmosphere, I am afraid that my differences will be out of tune with others, so I cover myself up, and in the end, I have a bright future, but I am only unknown, and even guilty. The influence of the environment on people is immeasurable, it can create or destroy people. Many students in the school are unwilling to show themselves very hard. They are afraid that others will say how hard you are, and even more afraid that others will say how hard you are. That's all. The power of the surrounding rhetoric is terrifying, but it also happens to be a testament to the inner instability. Why do you need to manage so much, just do it well if you want, maybe it can affect others, so let's move forward together on the road to success!

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