"Coach Carter" who lives in the bottom of my heart

Alexanne 2022-04-23 07:01:48

I happened to watch this movie because of my love for basketball. At first glance, it seems to be an inspirational movie with a more old-fashioned plot, but in the end, it ends in a close defeat and does not follow the routine. That's the real highlight of this film. >Esteem Carter explicitly forbids "nigger" and uses "sir" to address players in the first practice. Before that, just like the black people at the bottom of American society, most of them used this title to their friends or other black people. "Niggers are an insult to our ancestors by white people", and black people mocking themselves so much is an insult to white people and disdain for authority. It seems that many people who call themselves "diaosi" ridicule the mainstream values ​​and aesthetics of society. However, the vicious consequences will be over time, and the heart will admit that he is just a "diaosi" and a "nigger". Those who win the respect of others must first have self-respect. Self-esteem is a principle and a bottom line for yourself, a reminder to yourself when you give up on yourself or hate yourself for being inferior to others. It is also a clear "untouchable" in the process of communicating with others. >Education at the bottom has long been heard. The education received at the bottom in the United States is only to find a job to support life and become a grassroots tool in society. The performance in the film is that the principal is indifferent to the performance of the players, while the parents are "basketball is everything for the child". Both the principal and the parents admit that high school is the highest education received by most children at the bottom, so they say "this will be the most glorious moment in their lives", and Coach Carter's requirements for the performance of the players declare war on this injustice. > "What we are most afraid of" - "What we are most afraid of is not being looked down upon by others" - "What we are afraid of is our bright future" - "What we are afraid of is our bright side, not our dark side "' When I first saw it, I was very surprised. After careful consideration, it is probably that when we are young, we always feel that we have a promising future, so we will be complacent, but it is this light in our life that shines over us, and we do not realize our potential. Do nothing for the time you do. In the end, the years are ruthless. Some people have never found such an outside force in their lives to achieve their transformation, and there is no doubt that these players are lucky, and Coach Carter has allowed them to reach heights they never imagined. However, most people are not so lucky, and some are just pressure. Those who cannot convert the pressure into motivation from the inside out will either be defeated or retreat. We are not so lucky, we can only find our own "Coach Carter" in our hearts. Live in the moment, boy!

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