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Elouise 2022-04-24 07:01:05

Sometimes it is really difficult to distinguish the protagonist of a movie. From the perspective of driving, it is Coach Carter who is driving the whole plot, but in terms of growth and change, it is indeed the group of students who play. Carter is more like tutor. But after a movie, in the end, Carter faces all kinds of difficulties and conflicts, so I prefer Carter to be the protagonist.

At first I thought this movie was just a movie about teenage issues, but after watching it, the theme of this movie is so sublime. He taught us that education is not about winning, it is about saving lives. "Saving Lives" really took me by surprise.

Only in special environments can special people appear, and special stories can appear. The story has soil, because the core characters of the story grow up in the environment. Many times, when we write a story, we tend to focus on the characters, on the character, on the psychology of the characters, but we do not study how the environment affects the characters. The characters in the lost environment are like a float on the water. Ping, without foundation, will not be profound.

What kind of environment is Richmond like? The graduation rate of students is 50%, and only 2% can be admitted to universities. The rest of the students end up breaking the rules, committing crimes or dying. This is a corrupt and criminal city that, like a virus, continues to perpetuate and contagious. And the next generation of young people live in this environment and are constantly infected. There are three secondary lines here. One is Junior's academic performance, one is Cruz's crime, and the other is Stone's puppy love pregnancy. These three sub-lines mainly describe the problems faced by students from three aspects, thereby promoting the main line, the problem of the fate of this group of playing students. The fourth sideline was the question between Carter and the principal about whether it was better to play just to play or go to college.

This particular group of people in this environment, the school basketball team. They are like a microcosm covering all of Richmond's social issues. Starting from the essence of this environment, the final conclusion is that it is not as simple as winning the game, but saving this special group of people, starting from them to inspire the people around them, and let this positive energy continue to pass.

I have seen some sports movies, and many of the movies themselves have a very deep expression on the theme. "Million Dollar Baby" tells the story of a female boxer in her thirties. It is impossible to learn boxing until she is in her thirties. This special character has a very strong story line in itself. The height of the story itself is that the story is not limited to the game itself, but through the game, and finally tells a person's understanding of life: life is not about her length, but wonderful. At the end, is when a movie sees its heights and lows, because the heights of movies are often separated here. The moving part of "Coach Carter" is that the story itself is not limited to winning or losing the game, but to the college entrance examination. Especially in the climax part, when everyone objected to Carter's suspension for his players to study, Carter still adhered to his philosophy. That's where this movie is brilliant, I'm not just trying to teach you how to play basketball, I'm trying to save your life and save everyone's life. Ninety percent of the stories are conventional, and the watershed of the stories is the ten percent that is different, because that ten percent is the most important content to express the theme of the story. And Carter's story is not about winning or losing the game 10%, but about the players reading.

The story line is very simple, Coach Carter came to Richmond to change the fate of a group of losers. From establishing rules, learning tactics, respecting opponents, to changing fate.

We also learned some tricks from this story. 1. The story cannot be limited to the characters, but through the characters to see the environment behind the larger characters (society, this society is not the whole society, but the society that the protagonist lives and faces).

2. Characters are representative special groups of people. Characters should be represented and tensioned, and there should be a strong relationship between the characters and the environment.

3. The greatness of the story lies in 90% of the routine and 10% of the special, and 10% is often at the end of the story, that is, the climax, that is, what is the biggest challenge faced by the characters in the story? This determines the theme of the story, and also determines the height of the story.

4. There must be an external form, a warm form. That's why I love Hollywood. A great story is not only deeply thematic, but also intense and exciting. If it is not about the team, the game, and the impulsive young people, the readability of this story will be greatly reduced. Many domestic art films have very deep themes, but they tell the stories of ordinary people, which greatly reduces the visibility. It's an art and business tear. And these two elements are not opposed in themselves, but only in our thinking.

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