In fact, we have all become the person we least want to be

Shirley 2022-04-21 09:01:47

I watched it again during the holiday, and found that the male pig's feet were a mess, and the voice was even more of a myth.

When I watched this movie many years ago, I only remembered Julia, touched by her last happiness. This time, it was Cameron Diaz's character that caught my attention. A carefree daughter, a kind and frank girl, an infatuated woman who is willing to abandon herself to the dust for the person she loves, and a lover who finally gets a little more love. I believe that most girls nowadays are unwilling to be such a person who lowers themselves to such a level in their relationship. We must be strong, competitive, strong, stubborn, not admit defeat, and not cry easily, just like Julia in the film. In fact, after all, what we love is that person or our own preset goal, blindly striving for possession, and suddenly discovering that what we are fighting for is just expired cans. Why is it not that men are attracted by charm and temptation, the more they can't get it, the more they value it, and they regard challenges as the joy of life. It's just that their patience is different. In the end, they realize that it's just old age. Looks and trivial quarrels.

So in reality, men expect a wife like Cameron Diaz, An Ran will give her most of her heart, and she doesn't mind that the remaining half is hidden in another woman's eyes. Julia in the play is lucky, and finally has the excellent John by her side. But who knew that John was just a legend.

So, what do you want to get? Who do you want to be?

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  • Cary 2022-03-21 09:01:42

    At that time, Diaz had not yet grown (25 years old), and was completely killed by Roberts (30 years old). It seems that women are not necessarily young to be the most beautiful. With the precipitation of time and taste, there will be an experience of knowing what suits you and what is your own charm. . . (The first time I saw a movie where the heroine is so bitchy, but when the bitch becomes the protagonist, everything becomes reasonable (Roberts always moves better than the photos.)

  • Onie 2022-03-21 09:01:42

    The 1997 film seems to still feel the same way now. It's really unexpectedly good-looking. The rhythm is brisk, the narrative is smooth, the character settings are reasonable, and the acting skills of the protagonists are touching, especially the ending. Sadness and romance coexist. The male protagonist gave the female protagonist one. Saying goodbye after a firm hug, I burst into tears at once. PS heroine's gay honey is so warm and cute, it shines so brightly that the hero is dimmed!

My Best Friend's Wedding quotes

  • Julianne Potter: Now remember, it is the duty of the best man to dance with the maid of honor.

    Michael O'Neill: Dance? You can't dance. When did you learn how to dance?

    Julianne Potter: I've got moves you've never seen.

  • George Downes: Go on. This is so moving. Kindred spirits, eh?

    Julianne Potter: No, he's nothing like me. He's like you, actually, only straight.