past is past tense

Annabell 2022-04-21 09:01:47

z I finally finished watching My best friend's wedding . I

found it because I like big mouths. The

acting skills are really not covered...

The technical level of the old films does not require eye-catching

background and luxury. The

key is to reveal the truth

. With the same compassion as her, I

always think that they should be together It's the end of a comedy, I don't know how to evaluate it... I have to say that not all the heavy "once" can compete with the seemingly light "now" Not all self-feelings can replace the opinions of outsiders Not all pasts are worth repeating assumptions Then try to make it back to the past , but you should believe in time. Believe in the past, it will not repeat itself, but you should be like her and finally be his bridesmaid. Not a bride, give a loud blessing and bravely pursue your own happiness, but still like to chase wildly How many people will be as brave as her in the scene of going out, but it's a pity that she gave up so many years later, but it's worth watching her finally grin and dance , so I can only say that the past is the past tense

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