Maybe it's the third party in someone else's story, but it must be the heroine in your own story

Orpha 2022-04-22 07:01:11

If this story is described from the perspective of kimmy, it is probably that she and micheal fell in love, and her unforgettable ex-girlfriend julia resorted to all kinds of bad ideas to break up her true love. Probably in line with our values. In the real world, cold and cruel, we want simple stories and clear lines, but this story is not like that, not like those stories that know the end after reading the beginning. The story starts from Julia's point of view. After learning that Michael is about to get married, Julia tried her best to win back her lover, but she forgot whether that person still loves him. Just like in the station, julia said that she had loved him for nine years, micheal could only touch her head with a smile, and say, thank you for loving me so deeply, even in this way. Yes, julia made a stumbling block and made micheal misunderstand kimmy, but in the end she found out that they were still in love, and she realized that this is not something she can get by fighting for it. The story between her and micheal is over, all micheal can give her is , thank you for your deep love, you are the woman of my life. When the cruise ship sailed through the bottom of the bridge, micheal said that if you love someone, you need to say it out loud to let him know that micheal's eyes are looking forward to it. Maybe he knows the inextricable feelings between the two, but he can't sort it out. , julia's expression is hesitant to speak, just like micheal said, she will not be a kimmy, the kind of woman who is willing to compromise for love, she is probably the kind of person who would rather be hurt than say pain, just silently lick the wound. George is right, Mike is chasing Kimmy, you are chasing Mike, so, who is chasing you? julia you live in their stories, how can you be the heroine? George said, you tell him that you love him, and then bless him. julia did exactly that, giving her wedding speech to him and kimmy, the love song of her and Mike, the hug that Mike returned, that bye, that they should get down with each other and say goodbye to the past. Julia dancing on the dance floor, still radiant, still smiling, like George said, maybe we won't get married, we won't have sex, but we will definitely embrace and dance. julia, be the heroine of your own story!

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