Those careful tricks of the second female

Jettie 2022-04-23 07:01:44

Most of the people who have watched this movie will think that the heroine is a scheming girl, the second girl is innocent and stupid, is it really stupid?

How can it be, as a member of the upper class (father is a billionaire), the second female fully demonstrated how the nobles used a very perfect method to regain their love. The first time we met, the second girl gave a big hug, showing everyone her enthusiasm and simplicity. Later, she asked the hostess to be her good friend. When the hostess tried on the bridesmaid dress, she began to use her scheming, pay attention to the bridesmaid dress of the hostess The color is purple. Purple means death in the West. This is to imply that the love between you and my fiance has died out. Don't have any illusions. The second time was in the elevator. The second woman deliberately stopped the elevator and The heroine had a "secret talk", the heroine was uncomfortable (she was claustrophobic, I don't know if the place was intentional or not), and wanted to end the conversation, the second lady began to draw the line between the heroine and her fiance again (you are his Muse, no matter how perfect you are, I am the woman who can lie in his arms) The heroine fled in a hurry, and later the heroine's gay honey came and was mistaken for the heroine's fiancé. Those expressions and actions made people think that she and the gay honey were acquaintances for a long time. They were too enthusiastic. Of course, this hides her selfishness (the engaged heroine is no longer a threat), and there are a few that I don't remember very well. The second girl is really She is a smart woman, and her scheming is no less than that of the heroine. Of course, it is not wrong to maintain love. By the way, young Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz are really beautiful, and they are worthy of being American sweethearts. There is also gay honey's strength to spoil the heroine, and the old man's girlish heart.

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My Best Friend's Wedding quotes

  • Julianne Potter: Now remember, it is the duty of the best man to dance with the maid of honor.

    Michael O'Neill: Dance? You can't dance. When did you learn how to dance?

    Julianne Potter: I've got moves you've never seen.

  • George Downes: Go on. This is so moving. Kindred spirits, eh?

    Julianne Potter: No, he's nothing like me. He's like you, actually, only straight.

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