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Mary 2022-04-23 07:01:44

It's a classic movie, I've watched it about three times.
When I watched it for the first time, I didn't understand anything, it was all a comedy, and it was over after laughing.
The second time to pass the time, but began to feel moved.
After watching it for the third time, I was moved to cry by many scenes, such as the conversation between the two before dancing on the boat.

It seems that women always need such friends, not lovers, but many more than ordinary friends.
Caring for each other, joking.
If you become a lover, you will feel that you have not reached that point.
Once the other party has a favorite girlfriend, he will find that there will be times when he is jealous, because he is no longer exclusive to you.

Probably an intimate relationship can feel suffocating, so you need such a confidant between friends and lovers. He understands you, takes care of you, cares about you, but has no burden. You can talk to him about any boyfriend, any romance, any affair. You will not be disappointed in him, because there is never any expectation, you can withdraw when you have a boyfriend, and you can borrow his shoulder when you are in love.

If this confidant is gay, all the better. Heterosexual men will leave you one day. I believe that no woman can stand her husband being so close to another woman. And gays don't have to worry about this problem, they won't have any emotional entanglements, and they can share all women's problems with you. So, there's George in this movie, and there's Stanford in Sex and the City.

After all, a woman is just a fragile animal, always looking for an exit or a protection.

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