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Modesto 2022-04-23 07:01:44

At the beginning of the story, I was worried for the screenwriter how this would end. I hope it won't be a sad ending. With the swing of the plot, even if the two of them are alone under the bridge at the end, even if the bridge slowly swings past the end. The shadow of the heroine, the eyes and mouth of the heroine have missed the opportunity of the moment, stubborn I still do not think this will herald the final outcome. In the end is my imagination too good or just my stubbornness. I have felt the helplessness of missing many times. In the morning, I was inexplicably downstairs of my house and waited for the bus for 20 minutes under the fierce and scorching sun. I can go upstairs and wait. I should confirm it with the app. This is obviously a more reasonable choice. But I didn't, as if it didn't matter, I just stood there, staring at the phone blankly, and was slightly worried about being late at 10 in the morning. Comfort yourself, in fact, I have also seized many opportunities, such as the rare golden song live backstage opportunity that fell from the sky last week, although it is not completely fixed, but I am grateful for the courage during class at that time, this is indeed the part I am good at . I will be more clear about what I want, so that I will no longer be afraid of missing out, and I will no longer have regrets. Going back to the movie, my sense of substitution is too strong. Even though the teacher felt bored in the final ending, it moved me very much. In friendship, it is loyalty, and in love, it is romance. In short, although this movie is commercial, you can still feel the needs of the picture and emotion from several shots, thanks to the heroine's acting skills, and the setting of Jin at the beginning, who is 20 years old in junior year. (Gan, the song everyone sang together at the middle banquet, so strong smell of rise...)

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  • Pattie 2022-03-21 09:01:42

    Have you ever considered the feelings of the second male, busy solving problems for your girlfriend, we also want love ah ah ah ah!

  • Noah 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Maybe too familiar, or maybe too proud, missed the best time to say those three words, so only hug goodbye. If one day you suddenly called me and told me that you were getting married, I wonder if I would smile and bless you. Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts who didn't grow wrinkles in those years. Oh God! Give me a little guy friend!

My Best Friend's Wedding quotes

  • Julianne Potter: Now remember, it is the duty of the best man to dance with the maid of honor.

    Michael O'Neill: Dance? You can't dance. When did you learn how to dance?

    Julianne Potter: I've got moves you've never seen.

  • George Downes: Go on. This is so moving. Kindred spirits, eh?

    Julianne Potter: No, he's nothing like me. He's like you, actually, only straight.