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Arnulfo 2022-04-20 09:01:40

I don't know how this Chinese director named Huang Yiyu got his way in Hollywood, but New Line chose him to film "Death Is Coming" 1, which was very successful at the box office. Of course, I think this is mainly due to the script. story form.
So for 2, the New Line company hired David Ellis to direct. This is a great man. The scene of the serial car accident on the highway in the first part of the film is really called a cow. , and I am very unforgettable. This person later also filmed "One Line of Life".
But I don't know why, the new line of "Death Is Coming 3" pulled Huang Yiyu out of the guide again, and the result was like this: it was quite satisfactory, there was no bright spot, but based on the original routine, the plot was still tight.

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  • Doug 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    With an idea, this kind of film can be shot well

  • Talon 2022-04-22 07:01:15

    In one breath, after reading the four parts, I deleted them directly, there is nothing new!

Final Destination 3 quotes

  • Ashlynn Halperin: Shit. I forgot my iPod.

    Ashley Freund: Sucks bitch. They've got CDs.

    [Ashley gets on one of the tanning booths and checks out the CDs on the shelf]

    Ashley Freund: Ew, Celine? Britney? Dude, are we like the only cool people that come here or what?

    Ashlynn Halperin: Yeah!

  • Ashlynn Halperin: [before her death] It's way too warm in here now, huh?