This new boss is very direct

Bret 2022-04-20 09:01:40

This new boss is very direct ____________ I watched "Death Comes III" Aug.07'06

Well, I finally waited for a clear "FD3", the price of not watching the gun version is not just two months behind , but regret ah, this film is like this? It's hard for me to wait so hard for such a thing?

The general feeling is that this boss of the death god is a straight-tempered, ruthless character, blood splattered at every turn, and at the same time he is too lazy to use his brain, disdain to play tricks with us mortals, and has a little childish temper, just take his dirty claws. Play around with the victim, and give you a little hint first: "It's your turn to be the next one", and take the wind or something. But this boss, we came from the wind and waves, and we couldn't easily scare our family.

From the male high school student who could predict death in the first "FD1" in 2000, to the female high school student in "FD2" in 2003, this time the team leader was selected by a younger sister: Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), who led the "FD2" team. The "Death Squad of High School" finally came back... In the supposedly cheerful graduation carnival, on the eerie roller coaster, "The Grim Reaper" began his chase. The beginning is good enough, but is it scary? It doesn't seem to be that serious. After all, our nerves have been trained for one or two episodes. Of course, even if we have already guessed, we will still be a little nervous.

In this episode of death methods, except for the pair of sisters who were roasted to death by the ultraviolet furnace, there are some new ideas. Others are basically copied from the elements of the previous two episodes: whether they were hanged by an electric fan, nailed to death by a nail gun, or clamped by a dumbbell. To die, to be stabbed to death by a flagpole, to be beaten to death by a stand... In our eyes, it is all a category. Anyway, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, it's not fun. Think about how the champion died in the first episode, he was killed by a pile of noodles! ! And the big truck in the second episode that roared without any warning, and people were pushed out all of a sudden, gone! It's really killing people without blood, but when I heard that, I was so frightened that I was thumping. . . What a creative, what a wonderful way to die!

Alas, who told us to eat too much, the mouth will be tricky. .

We also have a few things we don't understand about the plot design:
1/ Roller coaster disaster is the main line of the whole play, but the cause of this accident is also very strange. In the scene rehearsed in the eyes of Wendy's sister, the roller coaster crashed because the pervert GG had to take the broken DV onto the car. But after Wendy received the notification from the god of death, there was that pervert GG in the team that got off the bus. I don't know why the roller coaster overturned later, and I didn't explain it.
2/ What is the function of the so-called "good luck bracelet"? If it is said that Wendy escaped several disasters with it, after her sister Julie took it back, it seemed that it saved Julie at the school's 300th anniversary celebration, but why did Wendy, who did not have a bracelet, still have her hair intact at this time?
3/ This time, let Wendy try to find the next target of "Death" one by one with the clues given by the photos taken at the carnival, but "Death Team" can not be saved every time, for the occasional "Death" Missed, the explanation is really unclear, did the children just change the order of the next person?
4/ There are about three police officers in the film. Don't they want to say that other people are also suspicious? But they don't even have a line, let alone take any action. What do these characters want to say when they appear? I do not understand.

There are also: this episode has some scenes that are not suitable for children, and some of the scenes are too bloody, which makes people uncomfortable. After all, the value of a thriller is to frighten people's nerves, not to pour blood in large buckets. And expose the lens. . Forget it, this is not the kind of second-rate film that draws attention with blood and dew points - zombie films play with blood plasma, porn films are dew points. . . "I don't eat at a convenient place", we should take care of each other, okay. . Can. . In our minds, the "Grim Reaper" series is a high-level psychological thriller. Crying to death, such a good idea is ruined like this?

Should I keep waiting? Let "FD4" come harder, destroy my thick nerves, let me live the addiction of being destroyed, hehe. . .

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