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In the middle of the night, it's a little scary to write a review of this kind of movie...
"Final Destination" (translated as "Death Comes" or "End of Life Station") is a set of three movies with similar plots so far. series. The third of which is directed by James Wong, a Hollywood Chinese director.
The first time I came into contact with this film was to watch a new movie trailer on MTV, which announced that the third series of this series of films would be released in the Asia-Pacific region. Because it was an English TV program, I remembered the English name of the film at that time. brought some trouble. Because I couldn't find the English title when I searched for the movie on the Internet, thanks to my best friend who generously lent me the DVD, it was a feast for my eyes, and I also remembered the Chinese translation of the title of the movie.
As mentioned earlier, this movie series has a relatively similar plot:
Death will come to a group of middle school students, but some of them have a hunch and escape. Because the abnormal actions of those who had a premonition attracted the attention of others, some people who were supposed to encounter the god of death also died because they followed the prophet consciously or unintentionally. But the god of death did not leave, and the disaster did not end there. These survivors were less fortunate later in life. Under the arrangement of the god of death, they have finally completed the last mission of their lives: to die.
Although the linguists in the film can predict, and even try to find the law of death's approach in repeated bizarre phenomena, even if they escape again and again, it is just a fluke, and in the end, it is difficult to go against the direction of the alley of death.
Compared to today's horror movies, the Final Destination series doesn't find much reason to score high, but there is still no shortage of highlights.
The first is that the picture is simple and clean. It is not an excellent use of lenses, and there is no large investment in special effects, but it makes the film more realistic and more lifelike, making it easy for the audience to enter the play and resonate easily.
Second, this is a series of psychological horror films. The film comes from Hollywood, but it is not the traditional pattern of European and American ghost films. There are no disgusting scenes of ghosts and ghosts. All the so-called "ghosts" do not appear in visible form on the screen, but are brought through the scenes of the life of ordinary people. The hint of the look is buried in the hearts of the audience, and after thinking about it, I can't help shuddering! Of course, there are many scenes of blood type stimulation in the film, which is very in line with the viewing psychology of Europeans and Americans.
Again, the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures strengthens the sense of terror. Director James Wong's Chinese background makes some oriental cultural things appear in the film, mainly in those scenes that show the arrival of death: the curtains on the closed windows are blown by the wind, the lights are flickering and so on. The fusion of Chinese and Western cultures adds to the mysterious atmosphere of the film.
I personally think that the biggest attraction of the film lies in the view of life reflected in it, that is, death is inevitable. Death is a necessary part of life, a necessary end, and no matter how we try to escape it, it is ultimately futile. But the film does not negatively convey this idea of ​​sitting still. The hero's brave resistance in the film not only reflects people's desire for life, but also strives for and praises the dignity of life. The contradictory point of the double-line structure of the film finally broke out at the moment of the difference between life and death: death cannot be escaped, and the dignity of life is equally noble and cannot be played with. To be or not to be - here is a quote from Shakespeare's classic line - not only because this sentence fits the context of the film, but it is a question that every thinking person should face and think about.
Life cannot escape the end of one day, but every moment of a dignified life is trying to escape this end. This inexhaustible contradiction is still in the struggle, and the sparks of their bladed weapons in the fight continue to drive away the darkness of death and illuminate the desire of each of us to survive.

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