One is delicate, two is exciting, three is bad

Nyasia 2022-04-21 09:01:52

2 is seen first, then 3, and finally 1. For such series, like "Cube" and "Alien", the first film has a good idea, and the second film continues this idea, but obviously refined and commercialized. I am very impressed with "The God of Death 2", and I feel that the reason for the story and the way of death are very novel, and I have been thinking about the first part. Later, I saw the third part first, but I was very disappointed: the initial roller coaster chain death scene lacked visual impact, and ended without seeing what was clear; the subsequent death methods were step-by-step, simple and rude; The plot of the film is inexplicable, and the death is suspected of being a murderer for a while; the whole film is extremely boring, and it is basically unbearable to watch. I finally saw the first part in the past few days, and I think it is not as effective as the second one. The most obvious example is the chain death at the beginning-the chain crash in the second part, which is clearly explained one by one; but the first one The explosion of the plane is similar to the beginning of the third film (both are directed by the same Chinese American), it is too scribbled and not addictive; in addition, the way of death, I feel that the second part is designed to be more tortuous, fine, and more interesting. However, it should be admitted that the first part paid more attention to the creativity of the story, so everyone's way of death was clean and neat, and there was no need for too bloody scenes to attract people; in addition, the various death omens were also better than the so-called hallucinations of the second part. It can be said that the first part is very delicate, the second part is very exciting.

Seeing this series, the deepest impression is that we should pay attention to safety in daily life, fire prevention, electricity and anti-skid. In addition, what is more terrifying is that during the heavy rain in Hong Kong, one day a shop on Hong Kong Island dropped a facade sign and killed a person - the same method of death in the film.

The classmates who watched the film together sighed: Death is really hard! I saw online comments again: The classmates around me asked: Is there a series of "Serious Demons Are Coming"?

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  • Hugh 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Very exciting, no chainsaw shocking

  • Jeromy 2022-03-26 09:01:04

    one is worse than one

Final Destination 3 quotes

  • Ashlynn Halperin: Shit. I forgot my iPod.

    Ashley Freund: Sucks bitch. They've got CDs.

    [Ashley gets on one of the tanning booths and checks out the CDs on the shelf]

    Ashley Freund: Ew, Celine? Britney? Dude, are we like the only cool people that come here or what?

    Ashlynn Halperin: Yeah!

  • Ashlynn Halperin: [before her death] It's way too warm in here now, huh?