Watch 3 episodes in one go

Shana 2022-04-21 09:01:52

Basically, I don't remember much after reading it. It should be a good thing, at least I won't scare myself when no one is there... However, except for the way of dying, it's not scary at all...
The first part is in the daytime I watched it with my younger brother, but it turned into a funny part by accident, so if you want to stimulate your nerves, you have to watch it by yourself...
When I watched the first part, I still wanted to know the ending, the second part and the third part I already guessed the end from the beginning. It is a complete copy, and the plot has not changed at all. Of course, the characters will definitely be replaced with new ones~~
I think, comrades who want to watch, just watch the first part...

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