Deadly Bugs in "Death is Coming 3"

Jerrold 2022-04-21 09:01:52

The "Death Is Coming" series is definitely one of the best in horror movies. There are always people who ridicule European and American horror movies that only play blood, which is much lower than Japanese and Korean horror movies, because people play the horror of the soul. In "Death Comes", the old beauty proved to the world that they can also play the horror of the mind, and they play it well!

The terrifying essence of the Grim Reaper series is: You know that you have been chosen by the Grim Reaper. Even if you escaped the catastrophe today, death will keep coming to you every hour, every minute, every second every day in the future. Back and forth, until you finally get caught and announce: Game Over.

Knowing that he is going to die, any object, a glass of water, a fork, a computer, or even a tube of toothpaste may become a life-threatening tool. If it were me, I would surely lie down and be called by the Lord.

When I first saw "Death Comes 1", I was really pleasantly surprised. 2 and 3 are clones of 1, no surprises and no disappointments. People who like freshness don't need to watch 2 and 3. The story frame remains the same, but the group of people has been changed, and the means of transportation have changed: 1 is an airplane, 2 is a highway serial car accident, and 3 is a Roller coaster accident.

It can be seen that the screenwriter tried to find a breakthrough in 2, or to add a bright color of hope to the too gray tone of the film, so he made a mystery, and what created a new life can be saved (roughly, I can't remember), So in the end it seems that the heroine really escaped the pursuit of death and gained a new life. Personally, I think it's overkill.

By contrast, 3 is a faithful return to 1, including that unknown ending. Maybe it's been too long since I watched a horror movie, and I'm still a little scared watching it in broad daylight. The death method of people in the Grim Reaper series still continues the usual bloody way of death. The most terrifying death law in 3 is the pair of sexy sisters. The scene of burning alive is too long and too detailed.

The screenwriter in 3 still played a small innovation, that is, those photos, the details in the photos suggest how you might die. This change increases the possibility of the protagonist's escape, while also increasing the level of horror. When every detail is gradually complete in front of your eyes, you smell the approaching breath of death, step by step, slowly and quickly.

I didn't have time to think about it when I watched it, but after reading it, I found out that this innovation is actually a fatal bug. If it weren't for the protagonist's foresight, the people in the photo should have all died in the roller coaster accident, then their expected death is definitely not the way the photo suggests, unless the god of death has long known that they will not die this time. And if they are not destined to die in a roller coaster accident, then the protagonist's foresight becomes a fantasy, which completely violates the consistent presupposition of the Reaper series, not to mention, the roller coaster accident did happen!

Written in 2006.7

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