The dream of a fat man with a flat nose

Bethany 2022-04-19 09:01:48

Would the world be a better place without lies? At least in the world the authors of "The Birth of a Lie" gave us, life without a lie is not so good. Lies are the most powerful drug, once tasted, you can never quit. Because, in the real world, lies are beautiful. The world in "The Birth of a Lie" is a miserable world, where there is only truth. The pressure of people cannot be concealed or avoided, and the result is that the whole world is dead. The function of weaving lies does not enter people's brains, which is a physical defect. The first person invented a lie that will not be seen through, let alone imitated. So the person who invented the lie not only has wealth, but also brings beauty to others. But wealth, even having a conversation with "man in the sky", still can't change your genes, can't change the fact that you're a loser, can't let the girl who loves you marry you. In this sense, the author's idea is very interesting, and our real-world measures of success seem vulnerable and ridiculous in irony.

The Birth of a Lie is also a complete anti-Christ or a special perspective on Christ. Because the author clearly tells us that Mike is Christ, that Mark's lie about "heaven" after death is the birth of Christianity, that Mark's broken-hearted appearance is the appearance of Christ, and that Mark's "man in the sky" is Christ's being to God. The church lawn in the movie is written where "a quiet thinking man in the sky", and the totem in the church is Mark's portrait of a lie about heaven. Mike's statement about "man in the sky" is just like the Ten Commandments in the Bible, don't ask why, because "man in the sky" said, you don't have to think, don't reason, because this is the truth and the fact.

The main reason why men and women cannot be combined in "The Birth of a Lie" is not love, or even secular labels such as wealth and success, but the genetic pros and cons of people deduced from human appearance, which makes people have to doubt that the author of this film is a Flat nose fat guy. The ridiculous gene theory makes handsome guys accompany beautiful women, and makes little fat people with flat noses unloved, so that their genes cannot be continued. The little fat man with a flat nose insidiously made fun of genetic theory and race theory, and let Hitler's set go to hell, who is better than whose genes? Who is better than whom? Even "man in the sky" can't tell you this question. The truth that Hollywood's universal values ​​give us is: "So all people are equal, and happiness does not only belong to the winners of the human world", the fat nose is not destined to marry another fat nose, or no one loves it at all , and wait for the world of immortality after death. But in the end, the offspring of mark's flat nose seem to have inherited the ability to lie, which is a joke of the author on his anti-gene theory.

Mark's lie before his mother's death is very touching, because it is also beautiful.

At the end of the film, all the beauty of Mark is a lie, because if you want to be good to another person, you can only express it with a lie. The beauty of Mark makes the woman he loves happy when he is by his side, so give the best to the person around you The gift of a lie is a lie, because a lie is beauty.

A world without lies is boring and miserable, putting a lying mike into a world where no one else will ever lie is like putting someone who can only tell the truth into a world full of lies and no truth, full of Philosophy means and the joy of thinking. What would the world be like if one person was different from all people? This is the sly dream of the fat nosed fat man.

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  • Carson 2022-04-23 07:01:52

    The world of lies is beautiful.

  • Kadin 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    now what would the man in sky think about that the fact is that there is no man in sky?

The Invention of Lying quotes

  • Anna McDoogles: You're chubby and you have a snub nose.

  • Martha Bellison: I'm so scared, Mark. People don't talk about it, but death is a horrible thing. One minute, you're alive, and then just like that, it's all gone. This is it, Mark. Few more hours like this and then an eternity of nothingness. I'm so... I'm so frightened.

    Mark Bellison: Oh, Mum. Mum, listen to me. Listen carefully. You're wrong about what happens after you die. It's not an eternity of nothingness.

    Martha Bellison: Huh?

    Mark Bellison: You go to your favourite place in the whole world. Yeah. And everyone you've ever loved and who's ever loved you will be there. And you'll be young again. You'll run and jump like you used to and dance. You used to dance. There's no pain. Just love. Happiness. And everyone gets a mansion. And it lasts for an eternity. An eternity, Mum. Say hello to Dad for me. Tell him I love him.