[2009] The Birth of a Lie

Burley 2022-04-19 09:01:48

Ricky Gervais, I lost to you!
Just be your museum curator!
Why do you want to jump ship and become a self-directed, self-directed performer!
Poor Jennifer Garner with a flower, that's all...

this one, and the squeamish museum curator's virtues -
unflattering rants, lingering plots,
masquerading characters, nonsensical endings.

A world without lies is
not a world of cynicism at all times.
A world without lies is
not a world without reason and emotion.
A world without lies,
let alone a world full of fools and incompetence.

Yes, lies are not a recipe for salvation.
Yes, one lie needs a thousand more lies to make up.
These, which we have known for a long time,
cannot be expressed in a world without lies.
All that comes out is nothingness and absurdity. I don't think even Ricky Gervais has figured out

what a world without lies is like. Please see stories like Chino's Journey and be inspired! Well, this movie isn't for nothing. British self-mockery is a bright spot. It's a pity that this doesn't hold up the whole movie. The supporting cast is strong and powerful, in stark contrast to the apparent weakness of the protagonist.

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Extended Reading
  • Michelle 2022-04-21 09:01:55

    Joe Wong has come out, and the future is bright. That person in the sky cannot live your life for you.

  • Lacy 2021-11-27 08:01:20

    The truth is threatening. In such a city resembling Utopia, we, as the audience, will laugh off ironically because of the harshness of the truth. The creator of the lie used his amazing discoveries with kindness to benefit others as well as themselves. When we were fortunate to see the final combination of Mark and Anna: one false and one true. No matter how tactful or straightforward the words are, it is because of love in the final analysis.

The Invention of Lying quotes

  • Anna McDoogles: You're chubby and you have a snub nose.

  • Martha Bellison: I'm so scared, Mark. People don't talk about it, but death is a horrible thing. One minute, you're alive, and then just like that, it's all gone. This is it, Mark. Few more hours like this and then an eternity of nothingness. I'm so... I'm so frightened.

    Mark Bellison: Oh, Mum. Mum, listen to me. Listen carefully. You're wrong about what happens after you die. It's not an eternity of nothingness.

    Martha Bellison: Huh?

    Mark Bellison: You go to your favourite place in the whole world. Yeah. And everyone you've ever loved and who's ever loved you will be there. And you'll be young again. You'll run and jump like you used to and dance. You used to dance. There's no pain. Just love. Happiness. And everyone gets a mansion. And it lasts for an eternity. An eternity, Mum. Say hello to Dad for me. Tell him I love him.