a lousy film

Arden 2022-04-19 09:01:48

The idea of ​​having a place where every one tells the truth? em...Boring. I didnt even finish the film.
We are now in the lie-pervasive world, and there are always some who would think: how did the first lie come into place? theres always a biginning, right? there will be the first one who lies, the first one who kills, the first one who betrays the kindness of human species. Yes, there will always be a first one, in theory. but who cares? We dont care how it begins, we live in the world as it is.
And i dont even get the point of the movie. What does it want to tell me?how we cannot live without lies? or one lie leads to another so probably we shouldnt tell lies any more? or no matter how good one intends lies are always troublesome? if it is just for comedy's sake, all i can say is, theres nothing laughable about it. Even the scene with Tina Fey doesnt make me laugh.
Lets say maybe this film is to let us think about truth and lie for a while, well, okay, this film is neither impressive nor powerful enough to take any seconds to reflect.

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  • Gina 2022-04-22 07:01:17

    Last year, British actor Ricky Gervais, who starred in the comedy "Ghost Town", wrote, directed and starred in a cold-faced comedy, which was obviously not as good as "Ghost Town".

  • Myrna 2021-11-27 08:01:20

    What a creative parallel universe! At the beginning of the film, in order to show the concept that people never lie, it was so cold and funny. Later, the plot was occasionally boring, but the kind of star guest appearances can be regarded as keeping people interested. Jason Bateman, Edward Norton, etc. The biggest feeling after reading this is that in everyday life, every word of it is a lie!

The Invention of Lying quotes

  • Anna McDoogles: You're chubby and you have a snub nose.

  • Martha Bellison: I'm so scared, Mark. People don't talk about it, but death is a horrible thing. One minute, you're alive, and then just like that, it's all gone. This is it, Mark. Few more hours like this and then an eternity of nothingness. I'm so... I'm so frightened.

    Mark Bellison: Oh, Mum. Mum, listen to me. Listen carefully. You're wrong about what happens after you die. It's not an eternity of nothingness.

    Martha Bellison: Huh?

    Mark Bellison: You go to your favourite place in the whole world. Yeah. And everyone you've ever loved and who's ever loved you will be there. And you'll be young again. You'll run and jump like you used to and dance. You used to dance. There's no pain. Just love. Happiness. And everyone gets a mansion. And it lasts for an eternity. An eternity, Mum. Say hello to Dad for me. Tell him I love him.